Sunday, 23 January 2011

Missy's Cup of Tea

Missy is our Jack Russell who is just over a year old.  Very fussy hates it if you leave her behind and goes nuts when you do come back in.  Makes peculiar noises to attract your attention, especially if she thinks she is being ignored, and then she climbs her way up on to your shoulder for a cuddle.  She really is a big baby, but so much fun.

However, life is not worth living if you make a cup of tea and don't give her one.  You have to share and tip some into her own bowl, otherwise, she climbs up, licks your ears, your eyes and generally makes a nuisance of herself until she gets a cuppa.  But hey she is fun.  She seems to enjoy being with us just as much as we enjoy having her around apart from when she is doing her Sterling Moss Routine chasing round the house and using any available person's lap as a trampet.  Ouch and a couple of other choice phrases come to mind at times like this.

We are very lucky to have her - it was serendipity that we did.  She is so much fun .

Butter wouldn't melt eh!

A rare quiet moment with her pops

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