Sunday, 9 January 2011

Mushroom Pot

We have just had Mushroom Pot for a quick snack lunch and it was delicious and quite filling, an ideal filler to carry us through to tea later on.  With fresh french bread stick it was yummy.  An ideal way to use up the last of the Stilton from Christmas.  We were first introduced to this over New Year by Chrissy and Nick, Geoffs sister and partner a couple of fellow foodies.


Pack of button mushrooms
1 to 2  cloves garlic depending on how strong you like it
stock cube
6oz Stilton cheese 

In a medium sized saucepan add one chopped medium onion to some butter and gently cook until the onion is translucent.  Finely slice two thirds of a pack of mushrooms and add to the pan to gently cook yet again soft but not coloured.  Add milk to about half way up a medium sized saucepan, then add the garlic and cook stirring all the time until the mixture reduces down a little and starts to thicken.  Then add the stock cube (we used a chicken one) and carry on cooking a little more.   Then add the Stilton and stir until well blended.  Add seasoning and serve,.

We served in a couple of bowls (one each) and broke the bread off and dunked it in, finishing the rest off with a spoon.  This recipe roughly serves 4 and there are two servings left which is going into the fridge for later on in the week.

Scrummy and stuffed. 

Here's a photo of it packaged up ready for the freezer.  However it will not make it as far as this as step daughter wants to try.  Well that's one way of getting the recipes around.  I have no doubt that she will love it.

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