Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Stinking Bishop

On our visit in November to Geoff's sister Chrissy and her partner Nick, who lives up in Birmingham we went to a very big specialist food outlet called Becketts.  This was foodie heaven and we had a real good browse around. They had well hung meat, home made breads, pickles, jams and other preserves and a massive cheese counter.  Whilst browsing we happened upon a cheese which my partner had been trying to obtain for some time.  Stinking Bishop.  Needless to say we just couldn't pass it by, so we took one home to try.  It was absolutely delicious, expensive yes, but wonderfully flavoured and to our minds extremely moorish.

 To quote:

"What's it taste like? Contrary to popular belief there is no pear such as the 'Stinking Bishop'. The variety used in the perry (pear-based cider) in which this famous cheese is washed is actually called 'Moorcroft'. The truth is is that the perry itself is eponymous with a malodourous and drunken member of a local family from yesteryear called Bishop who is said to have created the cider. This is a phemenonal cheese with a superb name and one of our favourites. It has a soft texture and a strong taste, which isnt quite as pungent as the name would suggest but extremely tasty. Similar to an Epoisses but not quite as strong and a bit sturdier."

 We were thus very pleasantly surprised to be treated to this wonderful bounty at Geoff's sister's as part of the New Year Celebrations.  We all love cheese at the best of times and I think when you share with fellow foodies you enoy it much more.

No doubt it will not be the last time we try this superb cheese.  If you haven't tried it yet then its well worth searching out, although I believe it is only sold through Artisan cheeseshops.  But it is available here

And if you are ever in the Birmingham area look out for Becketts its well worth going to have a look at - we had some of the hung rib of beef on New Year's day and it was wonderful. They have their own website:


  1. not likely to every go to your neck of the woods but oooh i loooove cheese, alsorts.. i gave up eating it for a year once and lost lots of weight but decided id rather be fat than miserable without cheese in my life :) happy new year, may it be filled with cheese moments

  2. I've never tried this although I've heard of it, it looks better than I expected and I suspect DH, being a real cheese fan, would like it so I'll try it if I come across it.

  3. Rowan its not an exceptionally strong cheese; its texture reminds me of Caemembert but without the cabbage smell; the rind is where most the flavour is, and you eath that too, but it is delish and very moorish.

    Hope you okay and Happy New Year to you



  4. Brendie, never say never you could potentially one day visit the UK and then you will know of a particular cheese to look out for. I could never give up cheese - (mum got hooked on gorgonzola when she was carrying me - think its responsible for me liking stinky strong cheese). Happy New Year to you too honey. Hope its a good one.




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