Saturday, 29 January 2011

Things to achieve during 2011

I have a lot to do this year and whether I achieve everything will probably be down to luck more than practicality as the list is so ginormous  and a tad ambitious - so some stuff may well need to spill into next year, but we can but try.  I have already spoken about the Crotchet big items that I need to complete, namely several blankets and throws.  I will post some photographs of the said WIP as soon as I have found the camera.  So I have my work cut out just with these to start with.

The back bedrooms and my Craft Stuff
I need to get to grips with lots of things. In the past few months I have been decluttering my two back bedrooms which were originally well sorted with stuff being stored, but some of the boxes the bits were stored in have collapsed and spilled their contents. I therefore had to go through everything box by box and roughly organise items of a similar ilk together or if not near each other so that they could be easily found.  So I have put a lot of effort into dealing with this and in some part I feel well chuffed with myself, but this is only the start of things  I still have a long way to go.  As a plus point there is now room in both rooms and I can find things a lot easier.  Its as though both rooms have heaved a huge sigh of relief as the energy in these rooms is now totally different.  In fairness, a lot of it is my craft stuff, a proportion my books etc.  and I have found all my cookie cutters and fancy cake tins. Hopefully a lot of the craft stuff  will be cleared by me clearing outstanding projects and using up my stash of wools, crotchet threads, fabric fabric and more fabric, needlepoint wools, canvas. etc.  

Primarily I have loads of clean jeans which are going to be turned into clippie rugs; which are taking up a lot of space  The worst part about this is all the cutting out.  I also have rug wool and canvas to use up, embroidery threads, cross stitch kits, needlepoint projects and kits., brand new and unopened, with work to be done in the future.  Then there are the projects that I have already started  .Then there is al the cardmaking stuff the glass painting stuff. etc etc etc. I will get there in the end. 
House and Home
Then there is the furniture I want to recycle in a different style that I have picked up from charity shops along the way.   I have a large plain wooden wardrobe that is currently stashed with fabric - I don' like it as it is and it is in line to be given a makeover as is a smaller chest cuboard.  I thought I would give chicken wire doors and fabric lined interior and shelves and then painted cream. But that isn't the most important thing that needs doing and can wait its turn, then there is the octagonal table, two straw seated chairs, cane chair and rocking chair to sort as well as My Nan's kitchen stool which needs a new sponge and fabric covered top as well as re-staining as it has got a bit battered over the years. Its just a stool but it was always in my Nan's kitchen and she used it to put her stockings on in a morning in front of the Rayburn or used to sit on it to prepare veg and fruit etc for the freezer or for chutneys and jams.
However, at least the house is decluttered a bit to what it was but I still need to keep working at it. (We don't have a garage or a shed where we can store things at present). I am hoping to have a serious play with the sewing machine soon its been a while and I feel it and I need to get re-acquainted and use up some of the fabric stash before I get lured into buying any more fabric.

The Landlord is having a new boiler installed in the property we rent from him on Monday, so once he has been in the kitchen will need re-painting as the boiler is being re-located to an outside wall of the kitchen.  Its currently cited in the old chimney stack in the kitchen - so if he removes the boiler which I hope he does I may be able to turn that into a shelf unit for kitchen equipment which would be handy.

I also need OH to get on and put me a curtain track up against the outdoor back door as it blows a hooley through there.  I will need to buy some fabric to make an inner curtain just on a net curtain wire, but I have located a thick velvet curtain that I acquired from a charity shop which will go with the kitchen and keep it warm and draught free.  I also need to make an inner lining curtain for the front door yet again on a net wire (our front door opens straight into our front room).

Then when the Gas Man has been I can get the dining room back into some form of normality.  I have a large chest freezer in the dining room an upright freezer two pine 6 foot welsh dressers a corner welsh dresser 8 chairs and a very large dining table  and a chest of drawers with a dresser top over it and it is the walk through room.  Hopefully when we manage to save up for a new garden shed I will be able to relocate the chest freezers in there.  Then we can redecorate that room.  I do need to put up a new blind in here though.

The Pantry and related stores including Freezer and Wine Rack

My Main motivation in life is to do with food.  I just love it, but I also want to ensure that my family is fed  - no matter what. Therefore I do where I can try and take advantage of whatever comes my way.  I need to put down whatever I can into the Pantry by way of Jams, Chutneys, bottled fruit etc and also in the Freezer.  Will take advantage of what I can and get it stored down pennies permitting or Wild free larder permitting.    This is an ongoing project and never ending which is money intensive to start with when buying bottles and jars but then after that comes down to recycling and a minimal charge for replacing lids and time intensive.
Today I have obtained my Seville Oranges so will add that to the Put Down for 2011.  Then there is the wine and beer making.  Am starting a new batch of ginger beer today and also starting some ginger wine, which will hopefully be ready in time for next Christmas.

Garden and Greenhouse

Thats by the by, I really do need to get to grips with the garden this year as want to grow as much as I can. I am hoping for a few warmer days soon so that I can start with a vengence Shocked Have been eyeing up the fruit bushes at Wilkinsons. Would seriously love my own chooks and bees but that isn't going to happen here as problem neighbours who can't stand insects and certainly wouldn't like to be woken by chickens clucking. Proper spoiilsports.  So as soon as I can get out and get it sorted I will do.  There is also the greenhouse to declutter.
Leisure Activities

I learnt how to fly fish last year up in Scotland and so I intend to go every so often and hopefully catch some fish and pop them in the freezer as I love trout - OH doesn't mind fishing for them but is not keen on the taste of the fish.  I am a fan however, especially if they are served with toasted almonds.

Will just have to see what the year brings and deal with it as it arrives season by season and putting down as much as I can in my pantry store along the way.

But simplifying and enjoying what I have and what abundance comes my way is chief priority. 
We will see what we will see.



  1. Cor blimey Tricia - is a year long enough?! I'm exhausted just reading this :-0
    I have to break things into small attainable (for me)lists - if I thought of all the jobs I have to do I'd just be overwhelmed. I really hope you can make good headway and continue to get sorted. I understand completely what you mean about your bedrooms heaving a sigh of relief - our loft feels much the same at the moment! LOL
    Good luck
    Rose H

  2. Yep it is a lot to do but it has taken me over a year to get the bedroom sorted from start to finish doing a bit here and there. I have to break things down into bite sized chunks too. In all honesty I know I won't get everything completed but I at least intend to make a large dint in it.




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