Friday, 18 February 2011

2011.02.18 My Day

Cor its bitter here at the moment talk about brass monkeys fortunately have topped up on the gas and electric so hopefully that will see us through for another week.

I haven't been at work these past few days three days holiday carried over from last year  to use up. So I have started attacking the ironing mountain, but have had to stop as I cannot find my coathangers!  Trust me - and haven't got any free ones left in the bedroom.  They are buried in the back bedroom somewhere will have to try and dig them out tomorrow and then carry on with the ironing at some point tomorrow.  We need to retrieve the computer and computer desk in any event to relocate it back into the small bedroom which is to be our computer room/study/craft room and get that all organised and sorted so that I can use the main computer  too.

Have had quite a pleasant tea tonight, chicken and home made curry served with naan bread.  I nipped over to the local paper shop which is run by an Asian family who I have known for several years  - this is where I get the majority of my spices from, but I have found that they seem to have different bits and bobs in from time to time which are quite cheap.  This evening I came back with a bag of Naan breads in x 3 and twice the size of the normal ones that places like the Coop sell for only £1.39.  They are nice and large and tasty and are made by the Original Clay Oven company.  I also came back with some tortillas for wraps and also some chapattis  at £1.39 per pack and two pots of natural yoghurt at 59 pence a pot.  This will come in useful for puddings, dips and maybe making some home made ice lollies with fruit in.   They were also selling small wooden crates of clementines with their leaves in from Valencia, so I nobbled one as you do at £3.  They are so delicious and refreshing after the home made curry.  I might get another tray tomorrow  - see how I feel and sit and prepare them ready for bottling to put in the Putdown 2011.  Will see how things go.  If not tomorrow may nab one in the week.  I do love my food and fresh fruit.

The Naan bread, chapattis and wraps will come in handy for a meal or snack during the week and will soon get used up - especially if the family arrive en masse again on Tuesday evening as they have threatened to do  (I must look into making these for myself)  Might do chicken wraps with chilli sauce and lettuce leaves  (i.e. a roast chicken done in the rotisserie, then allowed to go cool and chopped into chunks with salad and chilli sauce) followed by, home bottled pears and meringues with cream for pudding when the kids come for family night on Tuesday, it will be quick and simple with the minimum amount of washing up with me being back at work.

We are also trying to get the house back to some kind of order, but certain things need to happen before that can be completely achieved.  

In the kitchen where the boiler used to be in the old fireplace I have been left with a messy recess in the wall.  Have asked OH to see if he could tidy this up and relocate my microwave and Rotisserie/small oven there so I have some work top space and a place to resite my bread machine.  I then intend to put a small curtain to cover them when they are not in use.  The whole kitchen is due to be re-decorated anyway, so that should tidy up in there.

Catch you all soon.



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