Friday, 18 February 2011

Yesterdays events

The best laid plans of mice and men  - I didn't get round to my chutney yesterday as my help was required by my friend.  Maybe I will get chance over the weekend  - I do hope so.   So I went over.  The first set of Minutes I had helped her with had been approved as being a good attempt for a first set of Minutes.  So was rather chuffed; she had a few additions to put in but this was easily remedied and then sent off to her boss for him to formalise.  This is a voluntary job that she is doing for them and she doesn't get paid - only her expenses every quarter for attending meetings, paper, ink cartridges etc.  So I was quite chuffed in a roundabout way.


My friend wanted me to dye her hair for her.  Big gulp - I've only ever messed with my own hair and have never dyed my own hair. So off I toddled complete with my lemon clockwork egg timer so make sure that I didn't overcure her.    I worked my way through the instructions sporting turquoise latex gloves and got her hair well drenched in the slightly stinky product and managed to get it washed out.   I thought she was going to set her hair as well - but no I got handed the hairdryer and brush and ended up sorting out her hair and drying it into shape as well.  Must admit the colour I had chosen for her last Saturday when we had been shopping looked quite good.  So it really was a baptism of fire for me as I was terrified I was going to make a major boo boo and her hair come out the wrong colour!  I needn't have worried.Its helped her out and made her feel good about herself and we have had a lot of laughs as well along the way too.

The slow cooker seems to have been a big success.  They had a lovely meal out of it after coming back from the car boots last Sunday.  She has since bought a recipe book dedicated to the slow cooker.  Having chosen one of the recipes  I also helped her prepare the meal for Friday evenings tea.  A sausage and onion casserole mix from scratch - she is mostly veggie so they were vegetarian sausages and I made a nice oniony gravy to go in to the pot too.  I made her taste in between each stage until it was to her liking.  She was going to serve with cheesy mashed potatoes and mixed veg.  I do hope it was tasty.

Its amazing how quickly an evening can go.

Catch you soon.



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