Sunday, 6 March 2011

2011.03.06 My Day

This weekend has gone too quickly and I haven't really done what I wanted to this weekend  as I have been extremely stiff and have not much energy again.  I have therefore been "resting" and  looking at some new blogs (to me) and some old ones and generally playing catch up and taking stock of things in general.  Looking through all the fabulous  blogs it strikes me that I am still not quite where I want to be, but it is an evolving process and I basically I am having to utilise what I have rather than what I haven't got. I would like to be a lot greener than I am already.  To start with I would like to minimise my household waste.  I recycle what I can and am going to research making my own compost from kitchen vegetable waste/garden waste.  If anyone has any good instructions for making compost or knows of a good tutorial I would be pleased to hear from them. 

I would also like to make my own home made paper from recycled paper.  A few years ago I saw a kit that provided for the basis of this, i.e. the deckles etc and I would like to get hold of something similar if I can and have a go.  The paper could be utilised in my craft work then.

One day I hope to have access to a proper fire again or woodburner.  If that happened (I hope one day it does as I feel the cold terribly) I would recycle the paper for use in waste paper bricks - it would not be the ultimate answer but it would be one way of practically using up something that is considered waste.  

The ultimate dream is to find a property with a bit of land  in the countryside Devon or  Cornwall would be ideal where I could plant trees and a fruit orchard so that would be sustainable in wood and fruit and also keep a few animals and have chickens. But the reality at the moment is a middle terrace house in the middle of a City with a very long narrow garden which I hope to put to use in growing a few home veg this year.

Perhaps its the weather, but today I have been thinking of starting to sow some seeds to get my plants on the go.  I have already managed to pick up some Rooster potato sets which are currently set aside for chitting.  I hope to get some salad potatoes probably Charlotte in the next few weeks as well as a variety of fruit bushes and hopefully some fruit trees as well.

Everyone has to start somewhere and hopefully in the next few weeks or so I will get back on track with what I would like to achieve and with me working - that's about being organised.  But before I can start in full throttle for this year - I need to sort the deep freeze out but we need to eat some of the contents first or at least use them in various bits and bobs.  I need to sort out some recipes first though.

 We are having a later tea than usual at the moment. I am sat here waiting for the roast beef to cook with roast squash, sweet potato, parsnips and potatoes peas carrots cauliflower and yorkshire pudding with lashings of gravy.  I have done plenty as am going to freeze down the beef in gravy for meals during the week.  I use those little plastic boxes (like take away boxes) which I get from the £shop fill them with finely sliced beef and lots of tasty gravy.  Am hungry and looking forward to it.  

Will catch up later on.


Well dinner was delicious and I have a load of beef in gravy ready for the freezer.  I am now having a drink of Crabbies Ginger beer (a particular favourite).



  1. I love to make meals and freeze some for another day. I do that with homemade lasagne. Like you though, we're eating out of the freezer at the moment as I really need to defrost it. I've got some potatoes chitting and will soon plant those out and also grow some in buckets. Can't wait for lighter nights.

  2. Hi Tricia :)

    Here are a couple of links about compost:

    Until we knew for sure what to or not to put in we kept a printed off list near our small bin (that gets emptied into the large one outside) to check.

  3. Thanks Kadeeae much appreciated. I have a composter down in the jungle that my dad gave me so I think this will help me get up and running and also put less rubbish into the dustbin. Both look useful links.

    Hope you okay

    Many thanks




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