Monday, 7 March 2011

2011.03.07 My Day

Its been a busy day but that is par for the course.   But the weather has been nice althuough a little chilly, but it really has felt as if Spring has arrived. Even OH remarked that he thought that the nicer weather was on its way.  Famous last words.  

I Had a trawl up town during my dinner hour and found a book offer on 3 books for £5.00.  Its a while since I sat down and had a real good read and so I decided to treat myself. The three books I have chosen are all by the same author an Elizabeth Chadwick - who I haven't come across before and they are all historically based.  The total of the books if I had paid full price would have been roughly £25 (£7.99 x 2 and £8.99).

Not one to judge a book by its cover  (excuse the pun) but being one to read the back cover first these took my interest.  They are:
A place beyond courage

The Wild Hunt


Daughters of the Grail

I bought all three from The Works (also known as Remainders) shop in Peterborough.  So at some point I am looking to curl up and just read - will probably be on the coming weekend at some point.  I am very much looking forward to reading these.  I like to stock pile and then just read.  Trouble with me is when I get my head in a book I become terribly anti-social as I become esconced and completely embroiled living and breathing the characters.  Perhaps I should put up a "Do Not Disturb" sign.

Equally I found a lot of other things in this shop.  They currently have some cup cake carriers a round tray that holds a dozen cup cakes (round)  £9 with a carrying lid as well as the cup cake stands for displaying the cup cakes individually.  I may well ask OH if we can run to these because the carrying case albeit a square one in Lakeland is some £20 and the cup cake stands £14 upwards (In the Works £5.99).

Equally I was rather pleased to find an Easter Egg Chocolate Mould (4 moulds) two individual mini chocolate eggs the other a larger mould x 2 to make one Easter egg for the princely sum of £1.49.  Not bad so I am hoping to have a play and see how I get on as I have never had a go at this before.    The photo is not too brilliant because of the reflection of the flash on the polythene moulds, but you will get the idea.

So I am set up with something to read and something to play with.

I hope to go back and perhaps get some of the cup cake products later in the week.

They also had lots of useful bits and bobs for craftwork including little bits and bobs for card making, beadwork, paper crafting, knitting buttons, sequins, glitter and embellishments at 99pence per pack.  I feel like a playing session coming on.

Its a new moon tonight, the sky is very clear but it is bitterly cold temperatures of around 3 degrees have been predicted.  I hope it hurries up and warms up soon my hands and tootsies are persistently cold at the moment.

I have this Friday coming off work.  I have taken the day off as it is my friend's funeral and I want to say goodbye and pay my respects to his family.  He was a lovely chap.

Take care everyone catch up with you all again soon.

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  1. Funerals...there have been several in the past couple of months within my family and close friends. I find it odd, so many at once. BUT your books look intriguing...let me know if they're any good. I'm always looking for a book to get lost in...and the bargain prices you paid! Don't you just LOVE finding bargains like that? Well, enjoy your upcoming weekend and your reads :) Take care...


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