Sunday, 13 March 2011

2011.03.13 My Day

Its been a quiet day today.  I didn't get up very early and had a little bit of  a lay in for a change - well it was 1 a.m when I got to bed this morning.  Yesterday I tried to line dry the washing, but it didn't dry despite being relatively nice outside and I ended up finishing it in the tumble drier.  Give it a few more weeks and we should be okay.  It was bitterly cold again last night.

I had been meaning to sort some photographs out for a post I started a little while ago, so I was partially successful in that, but others will have to wait for a further day as I couldn't find what I was looking for- I know they are there somewhere.  

I have done some knitting too. I am part way up one of the two further knitted squares I have to do for my blanket.  I really do want to get this one out of the way with so that I can use what wool is left over on my Rainbow blanket, then I can see exactly what wool I have to play with.  My blankets and throws tend to be a bit organic in that I make my own patterns up or use a basic pattern and therefore the amount of wool required can be a bit hit and miss.

We have had a nice tea tonight though.  Had a small lamb shoulder joint which I got very cheaply.  This joint of meat has all the flavour all of the taste of a leg of lamb but does not cost as much.  The  only drawback is that its not as easy to slice, but it is doable.  Served that with some sausage and sage stuffing, roast potatoes, peas, broccoli, mashed potato, carrots, and Yorkshire puddings with lashings of gravy.  We then had sticky toffee pudding with custard for afters. Very tasty it was too.  Well must get on have to get my clothes ready for tomorrow,  and do a little more knitting.

Its blooming freezing out although thank goodness we don't have snow.

Take care



  1. Your dinner sounds ever so delish!

  2. Cor, your meal sounds fabulous. I don't have lamb of any kind very often as hubby's not struck, but I love it.

  3. Hi ladies it was kinda scrummy and OH had seconds today too. Lamb shoulder is a cheap tasty cut to pick up. The one we had yesterday cost me about £3.78 and was just big enough for two and was very tasty.

    Pudding was delish too.



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