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2011.03.19 My Day

I have had a busy day not doing what I normally do, but now we have the flooring down in the small room which is to become the study/craft room I am trying to retrieve the computer table and chairs, as well as the computer, the scanner the printer, all the printer consumables such as cartridges and paper from the large back bedroom where anything and everything disappears.  Bit like the land of Narnia except you don't walk through a wardrobe! Mine's probably more in line with a modern day black hole!

I have a lot of craft magazines (they are slowly being sorted as to which ones I am going to keep and which ones I am going to get rid of) which I am having to move so that we can get the computer and table in situ, and I have side-lined one or two with projects for a later date.  I know I promised.  Trouble is if I don't pick them out and put them in a safe place I will not find them again. 

Here are some photographs of the projects I have in mind - but I have loads to do before I will get anywhere near these, so perhaps it is just wishful thinking on my part! 

I like Daffodils and Narcissi and finding one needlepoint chart I thought would have been good going, but several.  I love the colours the navy blue and the yellow in particular.  I have some hand crafted navy blue mugs with daffodils painted on too. more or less the same pattern so was particularly chuffed to find this kit. 

This is an unusual Etui box they are normally square but this one is triangular and also worked in ribbon embroidery, but I think this is rather lovely.

I am also very fond of Bees and I found this unusual chart too.

I also found this further floral cushion which I quite like.  It will go with something else I have already made.

And this Irises canvas which I had totally forgotton that I had bought.  Excuse the fold in the middle.

At the moment I am being very good. (me good - somethings wrong).  I have also found some part worked needlepoints too which it would be good to get out of the way.  One is a British Cottage in a village scene;

another Mares and Foals in a Field  - a George Stubbs painting 

and My Nasturtium Plaid Cushion cover.  I might bring this one down and work it during the evenings after work to get it completed. 

Here is the part worked canvas together with a picture what it should like when it is completed.

And another floral cushion kit that I had forgotten I had

One of the nice things about sorting things out is that I am re-discovering things I had forgotten I had. I also came across part of the dinner service my grandparents had and its make is Alfred Meakin Countess design. I  also keep breaking small mixing basins (I am clumsy at times) and I have found four new ones upstairs so they have been brought down.  I have also found some knitting patterns  for bits and bobs too.  I am thinking of pressies for later on in the year.  I have also found loads of fabric so I am hoping to get busy with the sewing machine soon.  I am so lucky in that I have lots to keep me occupied without having to spend very much extra money as I have stockpiled lots of bits and bobs over the years, so the expensive bits I have.

My Nan always had beautiful cushions on her settee and chairs, (in fact she recovered her three piece suite with a lovely cottagey rose fabric and a little singer hand sewing machine).  I never did find out how she did her cusions which were velvet which were square and round  in shape and kinda pleated on the front and on the round ones round the circumfurence of the cushion and being pleated into the centre.  However I did come across a pattern a couple of years ago and the cushion is worked in a type of smocking.  I found that too, so that is also in a safe place and I am going to have a bash at these in the not-too distant future, recycling some velvet curtains from a charity shop.  The fabric is good and will also back some of my worked needlepoint cushion fronts.
I have been persevering with my knitted blanket  - I have added a few more squares and also found a square half knitted where I had run out of wool.  Tried to match it and couldn't but somebody was looking after me today as during sorting the bedroom  I found the missing ball which is an exact match.  Phew!  That means once that is knitted will just be a matter of stitching up. (Part of the squares are already stitched together)  I am now debating whether to knit a border around the blanket.  I think it will look neater with a border. I need to buy some more white wool though to do this, finish it off and make it look tidy.

However I have found my purple blanket  (I haven't found the wool yet) and my sage green and cream throw so they are now out in their baskets together with some more of the cream green and pink squares.  (I store most of my big craft projects in baskets) for easy access.  I am going to finish them off before starting anything new but the temptation!  Squeak always loves blankets coming out and has to explore and possibly make herself comfy in the process.

During the week I also managed to get some more cream wool so that I can carry on crotcheting my rainbow blanket too.

So if I go missing folks, it is with good cause.  I like lovely things and I love making things and I sort of have my work cut out here.

I have also in between everything been in and out watching snippets of the Rugby too and have nearly got all the washing done and dried.

Its a beautiful full moon this evening hanging there pendulous in the sky a beautiful goldy colour.  I love the full moon it is so beautiful and looks so serene.  Hopefully she will pour oil on earth's troubled waters at the moment.  My heart goes out to all those affected by the earthquakes, any problems whatsoever wherever they may be.

Last evening I went to my friend's home and re-did her hair for her and tidied her up.  She has just acquired a cockatiel called Gizmo and wanted a stand so that she could put him in the front room.  We searched Ebay last night and could not find one tall enough, but  shehas been out on her travels today.  She sent her partner over this evening saying that she was pulling her hair out  and could I come quick as she was in trouble and the (me thinks I've done something dreadful to her hair).  However, I was gotten over there under false pretences.  Eve had a little pressie for me - as she knew I wouldn't take anything for helping her out.

I think this is lovely.  I collect Fridge Magnets too.

This really cheered me up as I have been a little down today for one reason or another.  Nothing drastic just a little down happens to us all at some stage or other and its been a beautiful day weather wise, but it has gone very cold again I think will have to put the heating on again.

I keep finding feathers everywhere,one has just appeared on my keyboard - don't know where that came from, but from what I understand it's supposed to be an Angel's calling card. It's a lovely thought and then I found this Guardian Angel Cross Stitch Chart.  Yet again to go on the to do list.

Anyway take care wherever you are and I will catch up with you again soon.



P.S. Could not download all my photos tonight because of a flat battery will download later on - needless to say my battery is on charge as we speak.

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  1. Should think that this lot will keep you going for the rest of this year:) I plan to sort out one or two craft things to do now I'm back from South Africa. Something to knit and something to cross stitch I think. Inspired by you I shall be using stash for both.


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