Sunday, 20 March 2011

2011.03.20 My Day

Well I got my lie in this morning, not much of one but a lie in all the same.  Don't know why but I always tend to wake up the same time on a Saturday and Sunday as the time I get up during the week! Very frustrating.  Anyway I snuggled down under the quilt and went back to sleep for a little longer, and then had to get up - couldn't lie in any further.  

We lost my Ginger Tom Tyson last night couldn't find him anywhere and the back bedroom door had been open so I was fretting in case he had gone in and got stuck under some of the boxes as we had a slight landslide!  I need not have worried - we couldn't locate him but Missy Did.  He was behind a chair in a corner of my bedroom fast asleep.  Apparently to add insult to injury after being located OH said he started snoring.  Unusually he was there all night.  Here are some photographs I have taken to him outside this morning in the Spring sunshine.

The rest of the day has gone very quickly. I don't know where I cannot remember even blinking!  I sorted out the rest of the stuff that had to be cleared in the back bedroom in order to remove the computer table, chair and two computer systems into the back bedroom.  We thought at one stage that we were going to have to take the computer table to pieces, but fortunately it went in and Eureka we got there and now have that part in situ. Mind you I still have a lot to do.   

I also found my coathangers, so the ironing pile is going to get attacked this week - so perhaps won't get as much crafting done as I would like this week.  Oh well its all relative everything interconnects - its just sometimes you don't see where the joins are!  

Hopefully by the end of the week I will also have my front room/lounge back to just a lounge and not an oversized computer room.  I think this coming weekend is going to be a bottoming out/Spring clean weekend to try and restore law and order to at least some parts of the house. It will be nice to have it all tidy and my coffee table used as a coffee table and not storage for OH's computer.  Since we had the boiler done I haven't restored law and order,  so this will be a job well done all round as I like things to look nice and be tidy.  Well that's the plan the rest of it is down to whether my joints will let me!

This evening we have had roast chicken for dinner, served with roast potatoes, roast onions, peas, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, gravy, sage and onion stuffing balls, home made yorkshire pudding, mashed potato and lashings of gravy.  It went down a treat.

I now have the knitting needles out again.

Hope you have had a lovely day wherever you may be.

Take care





  1. Beautiful kitty - he's lovely!

    Kay & Sime :)

  2. mmm roasties, mmmm gravy, mmm

  3. You will feel a real sense of achievement once you get your front room sorted out and all that ironing done. I am in a state of chaos as far as washing and ironing goes, my washer died a couple of days before I left for South Africa so until I get into town and buy a new one I'm going to be disappearing under ever increasing piles of washing. My daughter has taken a couple of loads of DHs things this morning - vital as he's pretty much gone through all his clothes while I've been away!


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