Friday, 25 March 2011

Just a Quickie


Just a quickie I am off to my friend's this evening.  Supposedly she wants to have a go at making home made Egg Custard - well that was the plan last week but it may well be something else by now.  Her intended is rather partial from what I can gather.  I think to be on the safe side I had better take some home made vanilla sugar and my nutmeg grater with me, and oh a pie dish.  One never knows with Eve.  

I have had a King Prawn Balti curry for my tea which was rather yummy - its not often that we have takeaways these days so it was a bit of a treat.  We do try and abstain as it can get quite expensive and I would rather put the money somewhere else i.e. on ingredients so that I can do my own thing.

Its been a lovely day here today but has gone chillier again tonight.  Have a lot to do tomorrow so am hoping the weather is good as I want to bottom the front room out and open the windows up to let the fresh air in. We are having a state visit on Sunday, my mum is coming for dinner.  Yeay.
Anyway have to dash catch you all later




  1. Sounds like fun...

    Have a good weekend & hope the weather stays nice!

    Kay :)

  2. Hi Patty you are such a lovely friend. I do wish you lived closer to me :]

    Your prawn curry sounds lick ya lips delish!



  3. Hi Kay

    Been an interesting evening - my friend Eve is predominantly a veggie (had a colostomy operation a few years ago and then the reversal) but since then has not been able to digest red meats very well, so I have been encouraging to cook her own food using proper wholefood ingredients as it will be easier on her system. Trouble is her mother died when she was very young and she wasn't taught to cook as a youngster and her exhusband didn't encourage her attempts either. So anything I can do to encourage her I help out with and she does listen - I am just grateful to help.

    Hope you are okay and not working too hard. Hope you get sometime to yourselves this weekend. Take care the pair of you down in lovely Cornwall - deeply jealous.

    Have a good un



    Kimmie if I was half as lovely as you I would be very happy you have such a gentle loving spiratual nature that makes everyone feel warm and loved. I'm just down the road really on the Internet highway. Tea was delish I am very fond of prawns. When I was in Australia I stayed with my friend Jane Morris and her family in Macquarie Fields and they took me to a chinese restaurant where there was a prawn dish cooked in a flavoured hot oil - never been able to find the recipe but it was one of those recipes that was memorable as was the whole holiday and the food so fresh.

    Take care honey and just look after yourself




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