Monday, 14 March 2011

Lighter Days and Evenings

It has been lovely to have a nice day even if it has been slightly chilly on the breeze and when out of the sunlight. It is so cheery to have the sun shine and smile on us all pottering about beavering away going about our daily business like ants swarming all over. In fact I think the sap is beginning to rise at the promise of brighter cheerier days and warmer weather. I can certainly feel change in the air.  I do so hope that the weather is going to be warmer and milder from hereon in so I can get into the garden and start doing what I need to do there. It's a mess not having been touched during these colder months despite my best intentions and since the plumber has been in and decimated what little bit of planting I did have - he has murdered my herb bed I am going to have to start again.  

I hope it is a better weekend this coming weekend so I can get out and start to do a bit and also get some of my seeds sown.  I find gardening very soothing, like balm to the soul and the fresh air always does you the power of good. I like to go to the seaside for this purpose to smell and taste the salt in the breeze and to rejoice in waves sloshing around quite vicariously or just sloshing gently and lapping against your feet.  Water is always soothing to my soul and always calms me down, as does just being near water or walking through a forest does the same.  It gives you a sense of freedom of removing all barriers where you can feel free instead of entrapped.  It rejuvenates you and gives you new purpose. Trouble is I want to shake the reins and traces and do something different, just haven't quite worked out what yet, but I have some ideas on the backburner. Need to do some more plotting and planning me thinks, but I am a great beleiver in that something will turn up somewhere down the line.

Working week in week out in an office I often feel disconnected from the seasons and the weather.  I work in an air conditioned box where the windows are tinted, but because of that tinting we cannot tell what the weather is like outside, so are not quite sure whether its hot or cold outside.  We have no windows that we can open either.

However, I am grateful for the lighter days and evenings; they speak of much promise yet to come and the evenings as they get even lighter will mean I can spend more time plottering and growing stuff in the garden in an effort to supplement my meagre budget at present. Oh well, will just have to make the best of what I have rather than what I haven't.

Catch you all soon.



  1. like you i love the ocean, lapping at feet, that salty air smell, the walk in the forest, arrr im there!! we had quite a hot summer but on reflection we had considerable rain too. i was thinking this morning that we didnt have to hose the garden much this summer as we did previously. year before we had to water morning and night to keep things from wilting but not this summer.
    bummer about the job and lack of real enviroment, im quite fortunate there but have to contend with clients choices of cleaning products and use what they provide, goes against my own thoughts at times. the compromises we make in this world!!

  2. We had a pretty miserable life in the north of England, but after years of working at the same place, we changed our jobs & things started to get better. We stopped being desperate to leave & started making the most of what we had... Then out of the blue - we had the opportunity to move to Cornwall & everything fell into place straight away. We've lived in Cornwall for 9 years now & our lives just keep on getting better.

    I think being grateful for even the most smallest things - makes a difference to our lives. So just keep on making the most of what you have & who knows what will be around the corner?

    When we're happy & content - good things seem to come our way!

    Spring is finally here & Cornwall is wonderful at this time of year. We love eating outside & being on quiet beaches...

    Have a good week!

    Kay :)

  3. Thank you ladies. Brendie you live in a truly lovely part of the world - I haven't been to New Zealand but been as far as Australia - believe I have extended family in New Zealand also somewhere. But respecting and being part of nature is a very calming thing for me sounds as though it is for you too.

    Kay - I have a picture of a Cornwall calendar on my desk at work of Mevagissey harbour with the fishing boats tied up. So whenever things get a little too tough I just look at that picture. It calms me down and brings back some very good memories. But I agree, I am normally a positive glass half full person just every so often get a little down. Sorry for the whinge, but thanks for your support. Glad to hear that Spring is arriving down in Cornwall are the violets out in the hedgerows yet? You enjoy - a lovely place to live and work.

    Take care




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