Sunday, 27 March 2011

A little gardening therapy

I love gardening as the rhytmic movements of digging, and planting always calms me down and gives me quality time in which to think, but be productive as well.  I love plants of all types and as I had a small win on the lottery during the week I have bought myself some plants for the garden (£10). We have a plant stall on our local market that provides plants at very reasonable prices and I spotted yesterday on my Friday scoot round the market that they had strawberry asparagus red onion sets and shallots as well as rhubarb plants 4 packs for £5.  So with a little extra added  I ended up spending £15 on some plants to re-stock my garden this year.

I have managed to obtain the following

3 packs of 8 Florence Strawberry Runners - Late Crop  = 24 plants
4 packs of 4 Asparagus plants Connovers Collossal = 16 plants
2 Packs of 2 Red Champagne Rhubarb crowns = 4 plants
2 x 500g packs of Red Onion Sets
1 x 500g pack of Golden Shallots

I also went to Wilkinsons and picked up
2 packs of 5 Rooster Potato sets (I already have 2 packs which are sprouting) 
2 Horseradish Thongs

And from the £ shop
4 climbing roses white yellow pink and purple (all scented all climbers) I love Roses.
2 Sarah Bernhardt Peonies
2 packs of 5 Lily of the Valley (my birth month flower May)

So I am going to be busy when I have got some compost.

I also need to get some charlotte or pink fir apple salad potatoes and I would quite like some freesia bulbs and hollyhocks.  Will have to have a look at the end of the week.

I also need to get the herbs sorted out.  I receieved a present from a very good friend earlier in the week a chocolate mint and it smells absolutely scrummy.  I would like to get hold of some tarragon as well as lemon verbena and Angelica, Rosemary 3 large plants for £5 today on the market will have to pop down during the week to see if I can get some as well as Lavender I love lavender. I normally have a self set Angelica every year but whether it is these past two cold winters that have put paid to that I don't know but I haven't a plant.  There is so much that you can do with fresh Angelica and it is completely different to the shop bought preserved product - I have made it myself and it is very very different.  I have also made a ratafia/liqeuer which is quite lovely too. 

Will have to see how things go very dependent on the weather.

I would also like to get hold of some Japonica, forsythia, honeysuckle.

It will be nice to get the garden really productive this year.
Now just have to get the fruit bushes sorted out as best as I can.

As usual I have a lot to do, but that's about par for the course.

I still have to sort out all the seeds and plant them.  Been a bit cold though still not warm enough to set any and I don't want to lose them after setting.  I love old fashioned flowers and I would like to get some sweet peas started soon amongst other things.
Anyway must go  time for bed and I am dropping my eyes will not keep open.

Catch you all soon.

P.S. In the UK time to put the clocks back so we get an hour less in bed tomorrow - that will confuse the cats!

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  1. I have an awful lot of work to do in my garden and would like a scented rose, so a trip to the £shop seems like a good idea :D I also bought yet another rhubarb and am hoping that this one will survive. I think this one is number 7 so could be lucky :D


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