Saturday, 19 March 2011


Its Saturday I am home and I was hopeful of a lay in this morning, after another busy week but no such luck. No peace for the wicked although I am stiill trying to work out what I have done wrong.   However the sun peeping through the cream blind in my bedroom has put paid to that; seducing me and speaking of a lovely day to come and one where the daylight cannot be wasted so I am downstairs. The birds have also been singing their hearts out - I love to hear them. Tyson has gone - he loves these lighter days and does not have a moment to spare and all the animals are fed.  I am awake, downstairs with a Jack Russell curled into the small of my back as I tip tap away at the keyboard preparing this post.  Its nice to be on my own (apart from the company of my animals) space to recharge and put my random thoughts into some kind of order.  Squeak has now joined me - her and Missy are never far away when I am home both good friends but both like fuss from mum and if you fuss one you have to fuss the other.  I have a mug of hot sweet piping tea to slurp on  - grab one and make  yourself comfortable and come too gracefully.

Ever since I was a small child if the sun was up bright and shining I have had to get up - I don't seem to be able to lie in on days like this; for me its the natural time when you are able to breathe and gradually come too.   I have always loved the stillness of being up first thing.  A time to reflect on what is happening and why it is happening.  Sometimes when I am on my own I also put music on first thing and because today so far is a beautiful day I wish I could put "Morning" on from the Peer Gynt Suite but OH is snoring his head off so today I thought I would share this on my music player for those of you wanting to share.  Not as nice as letting it flow through the house but at least I get to listen to it even if it is only with my ear plugs connected to my computer. Music is good for manifesting and it is very important to me.  When OH starts his fishing again I will be able to let it flow through the house.

These lighter mornings and the change in the seasons make me want to be anywhere but where I am in the morning.  I am a country girl and I feel the need to be connected to the seasons, to the earth and to get my hands dirty. I want to go away down to the coast  I feel the urge to be near the sea or water or to roam our beautiful countryside even if just for a short while - the sap's rising again it always does at this time of year.  When my dear father was with us he always had similar feelings at this time of year.  At first I could not understand what he was talking about, but as I have mellowed  - no not like a ripe cheese, I can relate to what he was talking about.  I do miss him.

Even when going on holiday and travelling either overnight or early morning I have always stayed awake too excited too nosy to miss anything and to see the morning appear from night blue black skies is lovely, the artistry the gentleness and grace as night moves to dawn and then to day is so fantastic and so different every day. 

We always took a picnic of sorts or the frying pan  when going on holiday or travelling anywhere and one memorable holiday when I went with friends when I was 16 (many moons ago) to stay in Ross on Wye - we took hard boiled eggs, salt and cold fried sausages and nibbled on these and had hot piping tea with the coldness of the morning then I always remember that morning - its funny how things stay with you like a snapshot or slide show in your mind's eye.

Even when last on holiday down in Cornwall at the lodge where we used to stay I used to be up early enjoying the morning looking out of the lodge windows down into a valley .  Sometimes the valley would be draped in mist, awe inspiring and subtle like a spiders cobweb and sometimes a deer would come out of the mist looking all etheral and mystic as these graceful creatures are.  I always draped a dressing gown wrap around me and sat with a hot mug of tea to hand or sat on the veranda just looking out sitting and being at peace with everything and watching the world come awake and wild animals and birds coming too and going about their day. Happy memories that will always be with me.

I hope too that you have a graceful start to the day I am off now to make some hot toast with some home made strawberry jam on for my brekkie.

Take care wherever you are 




  1. I really enjoyed this post and got caught up in the magic of the moment. Could almost smell the sweet smell of your homemade jam ;]

  2. Good morning Pattypan!

    It's beautiful here in Cornwall this morning & we're about to get out of bed & enjoy the sunshine!

    Thank you for the music - a lovely way to start the day!

    Have a good weekend.

    Kay & Sime xx

  3. Kimmie the jam was scrummy. I am definitely making the crushed strawberry jam again lots of flavour on butter soaked toast. Glad you enjoyed the post.

    take care



    Kay and Sime - enjoy Cornwall you are in heaven's own country down there. Also enjoyed your post on Truro. Last time when we went was looking for a needlework patchwork shop that had been too before but could not locate it - think they had moved the shop. How dare they! But I agree Truro is a lovely City. Enjoy your weekend too and I am deeply envious that you are in Cornwall and I'm stuck here in Peterborough. Take care and have a good one. Housework is beckoning to me - more's the pity.

    Have a relaxing time



  4. Enjoy your Saturday, even the housework ;-)

  5. Thanks Kadeeae at least the sun is out and about and things seem a lot cheerier. Time to get on take care




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