Sunday, 13 March 2011

WIP (Work in Progress)

Here is just some of the crotchet/knitting work that I have on the go.  This precludes the needlepoint/tapestry, cross stitch and embroidery work on the go.  Hopefully I will be able to start wading my way through each project in the coming months  and either complete them one at a time or do a goodly amount of work to get it nearer to completion.  I really need to get quite a bit of this work concluded as I want to free up some items so that I can in due turn start a new project I have in mind or alternatively finish off some of the other projects These finished projects will then be ready for use. I am a bit of a butterfly and soon get distracted especially with some of the larger projects then I have sessions of completing things.  Its time dependent a lot of it.  Sometimes I only have a little time so work a smaller project as it will get done in the time that I have, but I do like to be doing something even though some of these projects can take quite some time. I also find with the knitting or crotcheting on the go, if I don't have much time I can at least work a couple of rows, so effectively making the best use of the time available to me.

Here is a completed yellow and lilac throw that is handy to throw over my legs if I am sat on the settee watching a movie.  Needless to say a very nosy Jack Russell just had to inspect what I was up to as in her mind a crotchet throw represents her blankie and something to cuddle up under - although this one is strictly out of bounds.  Now if mum just got out of the way I might be able to snuggle up here and have a decent snooze.  Humans do an half get in the way when you don't want them too.

These throws are ideal for older members of the family to throw over their legs when they are sitting too.

The knitted blanket - this shows some of the squares.  However, this is more a throw than a large blanket something to snuggle up to when it is cold.  I can knit but I soon lose interest with knitting. So it becomes a bit of a personal crusade whenever I knit anything.  This is the largest thing I have knitted to date.  This has been interspaced with white squares to break up and space out the different shades - from this to


This one shows a couple of the strips already sewn together, but there are a few more strips to assemble yet.  Hopefully I shouldn't be too long in getting this all together.

The Crotchet Lilac and White heavy cotton king sized bedspread worked in squares. Yet again just showing the one square although I have quite a few already done.  This will need to be blocked out before crotcheting together.

The Single Yellow and Green crotchet blanket/bedspread yet aqain worked in squares.  I intend to edge all these with cream once I have them all worked to unify and break up the whole of the blanket.  All the squares will need their ends sewing in before blocking and making up.

The Rainbow blanket, - well not quite a true rainbow but the colours remind me the Native American colourscope.  I have some cross stitch pictures on this theme to work and I think they will all blend in well together.  I have worked this blanket from odds and ends that I needed to use up separated by a cream coloured wool, it is about one-third worked so far. I have worked this in strips row by row just alternating the colours as I go.  I have still quite a bit of wool to use up, but if I run out will just buy the odd few balls in order to complete this with. However, what I have worked so far is a nice weight and feels oh so warm and so cosy.  Making things yourself and using them within the home is another way of showing your love and care from another perspective.  It also ensures that your home is very individual and reflects your own personality.  Comfortable things.

The Teal and cream lap throw. This one is nearly completed.  It is worked in strips of the teal and cream in double crotchet. (unfortunately it is in the back bedroom in a basket that i cannot yet get to).

The Purple Blanket/Bedspread.  This one is nearly completed.  However I cannot get at the remaining wool to finish it off.  This is the blanket that I originally started quite a few years back and at the rate I am going will probably be the last to be completed.  It started off being worked as a central square which has just grown and grown. This I cannot get to either also in a work basket that I cannot get to at the moment.  Here is a photo of a quarter of the blanket and I have lots more rows of purple to work round the edges once I locate the same.

I also have a very large pink and navy blue blanket which I also cannot get too either, which also is nearly completed.

The Pink, Green and Cream King sized  cotton bedspread that is worked in individual squares.   I have worked quite a few of these already, but show just one to give you an idea of how I am working the squares.

The Pink Cream and White King sized blanket/bedspread  this one is nearly completed. It is worked in very large squares which will then be joined together to make a cosy bed throw.  It is lightweight as it is only worked in double knitting wool which I bought cheaply.

Doing projects like this also gives individuality to your home and gives it more character simple touches that make your home feel comfortable, cosy and homely.

I have also gone for simple patterns at the moment rather than complicated although I do want to do some heavy cotton Victorian Style bedspreads with more complicated patterns  - the heirloom variety in due course as well as some finer crotchet cotton mats and other crotchet patterns.  What I might do is when I have some pennies spare is start saving to buy the cotton and then go and buy it all in one fair swoop then when I have this lot done I will be able to get on with them.  Keeps my hands and fingers moving crotchet and knitting,

However I think that I do have an awful lot to be getting on with in any event. My trouble is I keep picking stuff up to do and then keep getting interrupted which distracts my concentration. I like to be able to work through in tranches without any interruptions.  

Last evening (12.03.2011) I picked up my knitted blanket to carry on sewing up my squares (but I couldn't find my bodkin to sew it up with) and when I brought out the squares to see where I had got to I realised that I still needed two more coloured lilac squares to be knitted to make everything even.  This throw seems to be growing like topsy at the moment the rate I am going it will end up being a bedspread rather than the throw I had intended. We shall just have to let this evolve.So the knitting needles have come out again, just to work the two extra squares. Which has been increased to another five squares have worked four  so far.  am also thinking of putting white border all the way round the blanket.

I have also brought out a small cross stitch sampler kit which is part worked by myself and then put to one side.  Its a National Trust sampler kit.  This one is Alice Sedgewick's sampler worked by Alice Sedgewick aged 9 in the year of our Lord 1830.  I love samplers anyway, but I particularly like the naivety of this one and the colours.  I hope to do a bit each evening this week to try and get it somewhere near completion so that will be at least one project off my never ending list.  People talk of being bored and never having enough to do.  I can always keep myself pretty easily occupied probably several times over.  And as in the words of my friend Margaret shortly after she retired.  She should have done it earlier as she now does not know how she found time to go to work!  I think that really says it all.


Well I have my work cut out but I intend to plough my way through it.  Now I just need to find that place in the country wherein to display all the projects that I have made.  Fingers crossed toes plaited.

Take care




  1. Hi Pattypan,

    They all look great, I've been talking about getting into crocheting again (though haven't done it for years). I use to make lots of bedspreads - you've inspired me to get my act together & get started!

    I was thinking of looking for a knitting group too, as I'd love to learn to knit. I'm definitely going to do it this year...

    Thank you!

    Kay :)

  2. Glad you like them - I always have to be busy which is why I tend to have a lot on the go. Crotcheting is handy to take with you when travelling as you can work whilst you are in situ (that is unless you are driving) and it makes you feel more productive. When I sit down watching or listening to the television I usually have something whether it be knitting needles or crotchet hook sometimes even needlepoint on the go. [On occasions I have to rest up as my arthritis won't let me do anything but] Sometimes I actually like just listening to things rather than just watching TV so sometimes I just put my earphones in from the computer and listen to music whilst I am working also.

    Take Care


  3. Hi Pattypan
    I agree about the lap quilts - I too sufer from arthritis in my knees and my lap quilt helps keep the knees warm when I'm in pain - I'm presently making them for members of my family as Xmas presents Best Wishes

  4. My fav is the lilac one :]


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