Saturday, 2 April 2011

2011.04.02 My Day

Where is this year going to.  April already this year is just flying by.  

Its been a relatively relaxed day but then it needed to be as for the past two nights I have not slept well.  Unfortunately OH has a kidney infection and has been in a lot of discomfort.  He has been to the Doctors and they have prescribed antibiotics, but he has been tossing and turning most of the night which in turn has disturbed me.  I was late home last night  anyway it was about 12.30 a.m. (dirty stopout) when I got in from my friend Eve's.  She lives literally straight over the road so I wasn't far away.

I received another delivery of the Art of Crotchet magazine that OH treated me to last year (its a monthly instalment that is delivered in the post) there are a couple of nice projects in there that I will put up out the way until I have managed to complete some of the other bits and bobs I have on the go. Its been a relatively easy day.  I didn't get into the garden but there is always tomorrow.
We went to the Butchers today and bought some chipolata sausages 2 pork pies, faggots, brawn, 2 Cornish pasties.  The area where we went to the Butchers has certainly changed, it seems to be very multi-national these days and a lot of the traditional shops that have been there for years have gone.  Brought it home to me again just how much I hate living in the town and I have had a bad day of yearning for a country village away from the rat race.  I want to simplify even further than I have done to date.  

The chipolatas will make a meal with a tin of tomatoes grilled - very tasty.  I am going to make an onion gravy and have the faggots with mashed potatoes, peas, carrots and some broccoli. The Cornish pasties we had mid-day. The brawn is for sarnies during the week and we had Pork pie for tea with bread and butter and tomato ketchup.

Evie then asked that I pop over as she had been a very busy bee.  She really has been taken with learning to cook and has added a few more items to her basic kitchen kit such as spatulas, spoons, baking tins, carving knife and she wanted me to okay them.  She has also done her homework i.e.made the Vanilla Sugar already.  I also was handed some of the Tablet and I must say it is very delicious.  It is a recipe that I will certainly make here one weekend.

I didn't go to the veg shop this weekend think will have to go next week though as we are nearly through the sack of potatoes that I keep in and top up on basic veg etc.

We are having chicken for dinner tomorrow for a change.

For the past  hours I have been crafting in the craft room.  I have been making my mum something for mother's day tomorrow which has involved a lot of cutting etc. and has been very time consuming. I cannot tell you what it is but I have taken photographs.  I want it to be a surprise for Mum tomorrow so will probably show the photographs tomorrow evening.  I have never really done this before but I have had a go and I am quite pleased with how  things have turned out for a first attempt.  I was told categorically earlier on in the week not to buy her anything for Mother's Day, but that's something I cannot do. I hope mum likes it.

OH is back in bed again   not feeling too good again - so I have been back in the craft room crafting.  But I really need to get some drawers on wheels in which to store my crafting stuff, as I spend quite a lot of time at the moment trying to locate consumables and equipment. Very frustrating.  It will be wonderful when I get everything sorted so that I can just get on and craft.

I am going to watch the Tudors on TV and then will probably go back up and carry on with my project.

I hope you have had a good day wherever you may be.

Catch you all later on.


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