Sunday, 3 April 2011

2011.04.03 My Day

Well I didn't get up very early this morning having had another disturbed night and yet again having to move around to get comfortable and had just got settled when OH started.  I therefore overslept a bit, but never mind.  When I did get up I sort of had a leisurely breakfast just a bowl of cereal followed by a cup of tea.  I then set too in completing a couple of more posts and downloading some more photographs and also finishing off my mother's day card for my mum and wrapping her present to match.

We have new neighbours, this time Polish.  They popped round to see if they could borrow my patio chairs as they were having a barbecue!  I agreed to lend them the chairs on the basis that they bring them back after the barbecue.  They then popped back to see if they could borrow the patio table - I said not as it is a large one and very heavy to move.  OH has instructions to retrieve the chairs tomorrow if they haven't bought them back by then.

We then paid a flying visit to see my mum and it ended up being a family reunion as my brother and his family were there.  It was lovely to see everyone, but we did not stay long due to OH still being unwell, but it was nice to see everyone and mum liked her card and present.

We did not have a cooked Sunday lunch like we normally do as OH has been off his food and I wasn't too hungry either. So we ended up having cooked chipolatas cooked in plum tomatoes with juice.  Very tasty.  
I have then had a quiet evening watching the TV and knitting my blanket.  I have now started knitting the binding that is to go around the edge of the completed blanket, so progress is being made.  I am determined that this blanket is going to be completed before anything else is carried on with or completed.

I washed my hair earlier so that has dried naturally and is nice and clean again.  So that's a good job out the way with.
I am feeling restless at the moment, as though major change is going to present itself again.  I feel uneasy.  I have been dreaming a lot too, but cannot quite remember what I have been dreaming of, apart from the fact that a woman someone in my life is going ahead with something that I disagree about.  Perhaps it is the wheel I can feel and sense which is on the move again - it is a New Moon.  Sometimes I feel things happen too quick for me and I feel like I am playing catch up.  At other times, things happen too slowly there never seems anything in between.

Squeak is cuddled up on the settee next to me if she had her way she would be sat on my lap inbetween me and the computer.  She is gently making noises as though dreaming and keeps purring away - never far away.
Take care wherever you are and I hope you have a good week


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