Saturday, 9 April 2011

2011.04.09 My Day

Well what a wonderful day weatherwise today has been its been warm - too warm with bright sunshine and its been great.  I didn't rise very early as I was late to bed last evening and really enjoyed the sprawl all on my todd what a luxury.  Sheer Bliss!

When I did eventually get up OH and I paid a visit to the butchers.  We bought 1 1/2lbs stewing steak, 2 garlic and herb chicken breasts, a gammon knuckle, a large one (large one for ham sarnies during the week) 1lb smoked dry cure bacon, 1lb boar sausage, 2 racks of ribs, and a Rib of Beef for dinner tomorrow.

Eve my friend then came around 2.00 p.m. and took me off to Hobbycraft to have a look round.  They had lots of lovely things in there and I could quite easily have spent a fortune.  However had to be content with 2 x 100g balls of double knitting two different shades of blue wool for my "Rainbow Blanket" costing £3 for the two - economy class, but ideal for this blanket which started out life being created from odd balls of wool I had left over. However, I was pleased to find that they still carry the cotton I am using for the lilac and white bedspread, so once the lilac and white knitted blanket is finished will continue with this and work the Rainbow blanket in between. I work one when I have run out of the thread for the other and can afford to buy new thread.

We then went into the Van Hage Garden Centre - I had never been in here before and it had some lovely things in including a wonderful wrought iron cream pagoda garden /dining arch with dining room suite set within - very glamorous and lots of pennies.  But one can dream, it doesn't cost to dream.  In fact dreams are the very essence of our souls and are the shadows of those things yet to come.  They have a lovely foodie section and I certainly could spend a lot of money here too.  However, what I tend to do is have a look at what goodies they have on offer then come away and work out or find recipes of how to do them at home.

I had a lovely time and shall certainly go back again when I can and its always nice to chill with a mate even if the pennies are tight.

We have had a lovely tea tonight home prepared sweet barbecued ribs.  They are well worth the effort.  I am not normally that fussed with ribs, but I really did enjoy these.  Sorry there are no pictures but by, were they tasty.  When we make them again, as I think we will I will remember to take photos and pop them up here for you to have a look at.
We did the following.

Buy your rack or racks of ribs.

Pop into a pot of water with sechuan pepper, onion, pink peppers, bay leaf and simmered the racks for about 40 minutes to an hour (you can add a touch of chilli if you wish).  This tenderises them and makes them nice and moist.
In the meantime make your own barbecue sauce.  You will need a small saucepan into which you pop about 4oz of dark molasses sugar,then put in a few shakes of Worcester sauce, tomato sauce/ketchup a good splurge and then add a little bit of chilli sauce to taste then add in some soy sauce and some five spice paste to taste.  Boil all this mixture down until it thickens up.  Take your ribs out of the water pot and drain, then put into a baking tray and coat and paint the barbecue sauce on covering both sides well.  Put them into the oven gas Mark 5 for about 20 minutes re-baste with the sauce then turn over again and give them another 10 to 15 minutes until nicely coloured.  Slice the ribs and eat them with gusto.  Make sure you have a cloth to hand for wiping your sticky fingers, and a long glass of cold water to wash them down with.

I have also been watching the TV - Mamma Mia - hadn't seen it before and laughed my socks off - real feel good factor movie that I have had a good giggle over and reminded me of the days of my youth!  Mind you I still have a lot of living to do.

Take care catch you soon and hope all is well in your world




  1. Sounds like a fun day. I also am notorious for dreaming about what I would like. I spend all winter looking at magazines, but never buy anything. It is fun to look. Glad you had a good day with a friend.

  2. That does sound like a lovely day, Tricia :) The ribs sound luscious too!


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