Saturday, 23 April 2011

2011.04.23 My Day Part 1

Today has been a lovely day - I have been on a workshop with my friend and mentor Jacqueline Lesley  re Angelic Connections in Mediumship.  The workshop has been very good and I have met some old friends and made some new friends too.  I have always believed that there is an Angel or Angels watching over us .  Angels are spirits who have never walked the earth, who are always with us and will help us out when we are having difficult times, if we ask for assistance, quietly in our minds eye.  There is no need to make a song a dance about it, just quietly pray and request what you are aiming for.  Angels are always there, are non judgmental, loving and give us the support that sometimes through no fault of our own only they can fulfil.

There are also Earth Angels, people who are pure of heart and will help anyone and everyone who crosses their path.  The workshop consisted of a few deep meditations and then an opportunity to practice mediumship with the assistance of our Guardian Angels.  It was a very good workshop which I thoroughly enjoyed.  During the course of the workshop I was introduced to this short piece of work, which I found inspiring I hope you do too. Unfortunately I don't know who wrote it - I wish I did so that I could give them the appropriate recognition as it is a lovely piece of work.  I hope you gain something from it soon.

An Angel Prayer for You

You have a angel whose wishes consist of such wonderful things for you!  May you have a day whose moments unfold with peace, with promise, with doors that open on new beginnings, and with windows that look out on a world filled with dreams waiting to come true.

May today not only be a day of duty done and life's battles won; may it be a time of joy, of laughter, of memories made and faith renewed.  May it be a time when feelings of closeness are sweetly conveyed, when truths are spoken, when smiles appear, and when you just know, warm within your heart, that your angel is always near.

May today be a sweet success.  Not in the form of furnishings and wealth, but in the much more dear and valuable ways: good friends, good feelings, good health.  May you and the loved ones in the circle of your life always know the treasure of togetherness.

May a gentle gladness remind you that there is never too little time to strive or too little strength to climb.  May your joys be everlasting and your beliefs stay steady and deep and true.

And as each day comes full circle, and the quiet times of reflection bring an evening of serenity, may a distance dream find you, and lovingly remind you that you have an angel who will always keep a close watch over you.

I hope you get as much out of these words as I have.

Its been a lovely mediatitive day and reading the above has helped calm me down as I have the MRI Scan later on and will have to leave shortly.

Catch you all later




  1. Hope all went well with the MRI Tricia.
    Happy Easter :o)
    Rose H

  2. Thanks Rose all done and dusted. Thank you for you good wishes much appreciated.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend

    Tricia (aka Pattypan)



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