Saturday, 23 April 2011

2011.04.23 My Day Part 2

After leaving the workshop this afternoon I came home and had something to eat.  It has been a beautiful day hot and sunny its lovely we have some really good weather at long last.  I have been a bit anxious and nervous about the MRI scan bearing in mind OH's experience at Addenbrookes quite a few years ago.  I arrived in good time at the New City Hospital.  OH dropped me off and left me to it.  The new hospital is impressive and clean, with a myriad of little corridors off a central corridor, but I soon found my to the Diagnostic Imaging Department.  I did get a tad worried though when I saw the sign for the Nuclear Department!  I went in about 6.05 p.m. and didn't get out until 7.30 p.m.  I was the last patient of the day.  I had to stay still which I did not find very easy but witht he help of a cushion they made me comfortable and slid me into the machine.  It is a tight fit, and it does get warm inside, but I was given a hand button and they do speak to you on a speaker system and check regularly that everything is okay.  They also give you earplugs which are an essential as even with them you can still hear a heck of a clunk from the machine.  I used a meditation technique and also a visualisation technique to control my feelings, I was starting to get a little anxious at the length of time I was in the scanner, but managed to keep myself calm.  

Needless to say I was very glad when it was time to get out, but my hips and legs had stiffened up in the process and it took me a little while to get going again.  The scan wasn't as bad as I thought it would be apart from being set in the one position, but then they scanned my hips, pelvis and back. But its a job well done I just have to wait for the results now.  I rang OH and he came and fetched me.  I then had a large cup of strong sweet tea and for the rest of the evening have watched a little TV, prepared a couple of emails and a couple of posts and just chilled on my own downstairs.

I have also played catch up with my mum by telephone.  I had trouble getting through to her on the phone, but it would appear that she had been speaking to one of her younger brother's who lives in Lincoln.  At the time they were having torrential rain and a massive thunder and lightning storm.  They are only about an hour or so away.  I wonder if we will get it?  We need the rain.

I Reassured Mum that I was okay.  Mum is going to my brother and his family tomorrow for dinner and spending the day with them.  I am hoping to get into the garden to do some more tidying up tomorrow and at some point I have a leg of lamb to cook for dinner [will probably stud it with garlic and rosemary - one of my favourite ways of cooking lamb].  Have a lot to do in any event.

Take care and have a lovely Easter.
Will play catch up soon.




  1. Glad that you survived the MRI scan OK, now you can relax and enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend. Hope that the doctors can give you some help once the results come through. Happy Easter!

  2. Thank you Rowan, I was very anxious about it but at least its out the way now. Was very stiff last night and am still stiff this morning. I intend to do some seed planting today and just generally chilling in the garden. Hope your day and Easter celebrations are happy too.



  3. Your meditation worked wonders...I'm so pleased it went better that you imagined, even though you were a little stiff at the end.
    Have a super Easter and enjoy that lamb!
    Rose H


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