Friday, 22 April 2011

Afternoon All

Just popped in for a quick cup of tea - boy is it hot and lovely out there. Best of all though I am not at work until Tuesday so freedom of a sort.  I have been busy potting up some strawberry runners and will shortly be sowing some more seeds into my mini greenhouses.  A little later I am going on a rubbish search to remove as many offending items as I can, probably when the heat dies down as being fair I only have to blink and the sun has nabbed me and I don't want to be ill.  At the moment I could just do of being by the sea and paddling and searching for pretty shells on the beach.  Alas just a dream at the moment, but you never know just what's round the corner.  I have my scan tomorrow evening at the hospital - am not looking forward to that as from what I understand I have to keep completely still they are taking detailed views of my spine and my hips which should take about half an hour each from the information I have been given, so no doubt will seize up and will take some getting going after that.  But needs doing a necessary evil.

Right upwards and onwards have to make the most of this fantastic weather.

Catch up later



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