Sunday, 17 April 2011

Evening All

The sun has gone down gone to bed for another day - dusk is fast on its way out and the temperature has dropped after a lovely warm day and I have started to shiver.  But today has been glorious I have relaxed and spent quality time with my mum.  It has been smashing.

Mum loved the lilac, I was concerned whether she would have it in the house or not as there is a superstition about taking blossom into the house, but she had no problem with this at all.  She felt that the superstition related more to white lilac rather than the lilac lilac. During the course of the day it started to perfume the house and smelt lovely.  Mum also told me that the day I was born my father bought her a very large bunch of lilac, to the hospital where she had me; and then a few days later they went for a walk in the grounds of the house/hospital and picked a very large bunch of lily of the valley.  My birth month flower.  My mum was named June Rose, as she was born in June and just after she was born my grandfather bought my Nan a large bunch of red roses - hence the name June Rose.  So there seems to be a flower theme developing here.

We had a lovely lunch, roast pork, home made stuffing, apple sauce, yorkshire puddings, carrots broccoli cauliflower and mashed potato - yummy it was too.  It was like old times and mum certainly has not lost the knack with cooking and it was lovely to have a meal cooked for me, rather than me doing the cooking.  As mum had cooked lunch we banned her from the kitchen for a sit down and did the washing up between us. We then sat in the conservatory for a couple of hours ,chatting, reminisicing, looking at old family photographs enjoying each other's company.  Missy was impeccably behaved ; she loves going to my mum's as she can wander round the garden quite freely.  We stopped for a bit of tea before leaving shortly after 6 p.m. and were back home for about 6.45 p.m.  It really has been a lovely day.

Since being home I have been pottering about, I fetched the air dried clothes in and they smell lovely and clean.  The washing machine has been put on again, this time the boil wash and also an undie wash to do later on.  Items are soaking in a prewash for a few hours so that can do a straightforward wash.  

I have also sowed some Italian plum tomatoes and some french bean seeds.  Will do a few more tomorrow evening when I come home from workI have some more tomato seeds to set, broad beans, cucumber, aubergine, green courgettes pumpkin and marrows to set. I also need to do a bit more tidying in the herb border.

Hope you day has been as good as mine.  

Take care




  1. I like days like that, when all goes to plan and you get things done for yourself. ive made your choc nut spread using chestnuts today it is sooooo yum.

  2. What a lovely day - we all need days like that!


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