Thursday, 14 April 2011

Its Chilly again

Its been cold here again today miserable and grey what a contrast to the weather we had over the weekend  and the past few days which were hot and sunny.  I have had the heating on for a short while this evening as it has been cold or at least I have been cold.  Even Missy and Squeak have been cuddled up on the settee together behind me on the settee.  Its on days like this that I really do miss the glow and heat of a proper log fire they are always so cheery and warming.

I have done a little handiwork this evening, nothing much but I had two very pretty scrunchies for my hair where the elastic had gone in them, so I have replaced the elastic in both and restitched back together again.  They were just in need of a little time and attention and now I have two more useable scrunchies to pop in my hair. Waste not want not.

Normally on a Wednesday evening I am out and about but tonight I have been at home.  As a result I also saw for the first time the Superscrimpers programme on Channel 4, had some useful tips in tonight's programme i.e. about cutting your heating and electrical bills, but also making things go further.  I liked the one about freezing your tights in the freezer before wearing as it is supposed to make them last longer as apparently they don't ladder.  One to try I think.

Catch up soon



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  1. It turned chilly & wet here again yesterday too, though it looks like it might cheer up today - hopefully!

    Kay :)


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