Monday, 25 April 2011

The Sap is Rising

The sap is rising I always feel it this time of year, I want to get out and about doing things, being places and meeting up with friends.  There is no longer any time constraints on my time of an evening, I often work later at this time of year because it is oh so much lighter whereas in the winter months I tend to hibernate, still doing stuff but staying closeted in the house in the warm.  If I had a fire it would be next to the fire, listening to the hissing and crackling as the fire finds its way through the wood or fir cones. I love a proper fire.

There's nothing nicer at this time of year than to get your hands stuck into the black soil, getting it all stuck under your nails in the name of growing food for the table.  It helps me reconnect, makes me realise what I am missing on a day to day basis (am stuck in an office most days) but certainly helps me realise what season it is and grounds and calms me, soothes the inner me and helps provide bits and bobs to supplement the shopping basket.  Its what we all should be doing really getting back to brass tacks, and growing a bit to help cut down on food miles and take advantage of a precious bit of soil to grow something in.

I have also started a compost heap,and in time that will be used to feed the soil and grow more plants, but it is something started now that that will reap dividends in the future.  So I am sowing different types of seeds too, preparing a strong footing for that yet to come.

We went to fetch more compost this morning as I only had a little left over from last year, three sacks so far.  (Hopefully I will be self-sufficient by next year) Fetched it from a local small garden centre, and whilst there I had a really good mosey round.  First outing to a garden centre so far this year,  but they had a lot of fruit trees, and plants as well as the usual tomatoes, lettuce and pre-planted seeds to save time for those in a hurry.  But they had a peach and an apricot, some plums and some apples.    I do so love trees, especially fruit trees like apples plums pears, although I would like some nut trees too.  I just wish I had a bigger garden so that I could buy some and have a little more variety.  Hopefully I will be going back at the end of the week to have another look and possibly buy a couple of plants.

I have been busy planting seeds most of the afternoon [Please see seed/plant log for further details],  The day has been pleasant but the wind is up a tad and I will soon have to put a top on of some description as it is getting chillier.  The plants  and seeds are wrapped up warm in their houses.

There is something so satisfying of having my fingers in the soil.  I am like an overgrown kid who has never got out of the habit of making mud pies.   But I still get covered in it, and if I end up accidentally wiping my face with my hand or pushing my hair back I end up a bit more soiled than anticipated. I am very lucky that I was taught to grow things and encouraged and given my own bit of garden from a very early age.  I think all children should be shown how to cultivate plants.  You never know when you are going to need to do something like that.  I gave my step-daughter the bug for growing things too. 

The best thing is if you have friends who grow things because you can end up playing swopsies which is a cheap way of acquiring plants.  I always end up setting a few more than I anticipated.

Well that's it for today in the garden, everything is watered up I now have to get myself into gear for going back to work tomorrow.

Take care wherever you are




  1. I went to Lidl today and they have a new offer on from Thursday which includes dwarf fruit trees for £9.99 - maybe worth a look if you have a store near?
    Here's a link
    I'm going to get a couple if I can.

  2. Thanks for that Rose - we have a store near us will have to go and have a look; might persuade OH to buy me a couple for my birthday pressie. Hope you are keeping well.

    Take care

    Tricia (aka Pattypan)


  3. Hello Pattypan and thankyou for following my 'wild child' blog. I must read back over yours, and hope you find your dream place one day.


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