Monday, 25 April 2011

Seed/Plant Log 2011

This is just by way of an aide memoire as a record of the seeds I have sown so far this year. and plants planted.  I also thought it could play double duty as when I come to replace the seeds I will have a ready made list of the ones I have used.  Sheer laziness on my part really, but it all goes towards the collective record at the end of the day and the plotting planning and organisation.

I like growing things from seed - probably it is the nurture factor that flows strong in me, but I like my little seedlings to get as much care as I can lavish on them.  I am the same with people too.

It hasn't been helped by the fact that I have been to a garden centre today and seen all sorts of lovely plants and bits and bobs, which unfortunately my pocket will not run too at present.  But one day. I am particularly fond of lavender, but in the garden centre they were selling round planters with lavender in for £20.  Think will look for some seed and see if I can get some going for next year.

Anyway here is the list so far

20 sets red rooster
10 sets Charlotte
 3 Tayberry Plants
 6 Gooseberry Bushes
20 Florence Strawberry Plants
2 Horseradish
16   Asparagus
1 Mint Chocolate Mint
4 Red Champagne Rhubarb crowns
1 Further Rhubarb plant

Tutti Frutti Mixed Nasturtiums
Pot Marigold
Canterbury Bells
Sweet Peas Old Spice
Parsley Moss Curled
Garlic Chives
Basil Sweet Genovese
Italian Plain leafed parsley
Clary Sage
Lemon Balm
Lemon Grass
Lemon Basil
Winter Savory
Summer Savory

Cabbage Golden Acre
Italian Calabrese
Marrow F1 Tiger Cross
Baby Bear Pumpkin
Gherkin - Cornichon de Paris
Courgette All Green Bush
Tomato Italia
Tomato Golden Sunrise
Yellow Courgette Parador F1 hybrid
Sunburst Pattypan Squash
Scarlet Emperor Runner Bean
Salad Bowl green lettuce
Cucumber F1 Aramon
Cape Gooseberries

And I am not finished yet - I can but try.  Will update again soon.

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