Friday, 22 April 2011

Well I have spent the most delightful afternoon pottering on and off in the garden.  Have been weeding the herb border, sorting the pots out, watering up, planting Scarlet Emperor runner beans and sorting out the mini greenhouses.  The mustard and cress has sprouted, no sign of anything else yet but I am pleased to say that my three Tayberry bushes have sprouted new and extra leaves.  The roses are taking a little more encouragement but I am extremely hopeful.  I have planted up 18 Florence Strawberry plants - I have another 18 or so to do plus 8 Elvira early variety and 4 Rhubarb and 2 Horseradish plants.  The Sweet Woodruff is starting to flower in the herb border and I have found all sorts of rubbish underneath, but it is now tidy and all the rubbish bagged ready for the dustbin (that that cannot be recycled).  I have a composter at the bottom of the garden and a big bag of green waste to go into it, so that I create my own rich compost and hopefully next year won't have to buy any compost in.  Well that's the idea anyway.  Also using up green waste in this way helps keep the waste out of the dustbins.

Have had a scrat tea tonight egg and chips with sweet chilli sauce on the chips that were left.  Very tasty.  Am of to my friend's this evening.  Am taking the camera in order that I can take some photos of her little kitten.  By all accounts he has been keeping her on her toes.  But that's what kittens are for.  I do have kitten envy as he is a little cracker, but then I am a sucker for cats, anyway.

I am out tomorrow as am doing a workshop which I hope will relax me prior to me going for my MRI scan tomorrow evening. I have been told that the machine doesn't have much room for manouvreability and am a tad nervous, but am hoping to use some meditative techniques to help keep me calm.

I am a tad nervous as OH had a bad back and had to go for an MRI scan - had to go to Addenbrookes to get it done.  They put him into a tourquoise tunic I was told would be about 30 minutes - less than 5 minutes later he was back - as soon as the nurse had fed him in he had fed himself out - he is claustraphobic  - he never did have it done.  Me  - as far as I know am not claustraphobic, and I need this done as my hips and back have been absolute murder - I just can't get comfy.  Fingers crossed it will go alright.

Hope you all have a lovely Easter no matter what you may be doing.,

Take care



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