Thursday, 5 May 2011

2011.05.05 My Day

Its been a busy day although I met up with my mate and lunch and had a good old natter. 

Since being home this evening I have watered the garden up which took quite a while. I am very pleased a lot of seeds are through including my cabbage and broccoli seeds and letttuce seeds and loads of different herbs.  They are all wrapped up in fleece in the green houses this evening as although the days have been fairly pleasant well at least the past two days have, the nights have been very cold and earlier on the week we had a horrible wind that was perishing.There was also the threat of frost.  So the plantelets and seed pots got covered up.  So I am well chuffed with progress so far. Hopefully this weekend I will get a lot more seeds planted.

Since then I have cooked tea, steak pie, mashed potatoes, spring cabbage, asparagus and carrots with gravy.  It was lovely  and I am now stuffed to the gunnels.  I was going to do strawberries and cream for afters but that will have to happen tommorrow as I just cannot manage anything else.  My eyes are bigger than my belly or something along those lines, which interpreted means I put far too much on my plate.

Well have things to do will catch you all later.

Take care



 P.S. Nearly forgot - I also went to vote!

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