Sunday, 8 May 2011

2011.05.08 My Day

I've not done much today its been a bad one have had a lot of pain and have felt like I am falling off my scaffolding everytime I move somewhere - but hey s..... happens, today's today tomorrow's tomorrow.  So for the best part of the day I have read, and played games and really not done too much.  I did however pull my finger out though and made a nice tea.  I cooked home roasted spring herb chicken - a mixture of fresh herbs (i.e. thyme, chives, rosemary sage, bay leaf and some lemon verbena  that were growing in my herb garden chopped up finely and some crushed garlic also added with butter.  I stuffed half an onion in the cavity to keep it moist, whilst cooking and some fresh bay leaves too and cooked under foil for about 2 hours. I also cooked proper oven baked potatoes to go with the chicken.  It was served with salad leaves, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onion coleslaw and beetroot and was very tasty.  We then had more english strawberries with fresh cream for afters,  Very tasty it was too.

 The Chicken with the herb stuffing.  Sometimes I put the butter mix inbetween the skin and the chicken too, but on this occasion I did not.  I then added half an onion into the cavity to keep the chicken moist and a couple of fresh bay leaves and a sprinkle of olive oil just over the bay leaves so they don't burn.

 Partly cooked chicken taken out and turned around so that the chicken colours evenly

Nicely coloured golden chicken which was lovely and tender

 Potatoes scrubbed and then pricked all over with a fork and then wrapped in foil squares until cooked

Simple things are often the best and we ended up having a really lovely meal the camera battery went flat so sorry I couldn't show you the rest.

Its not going to be long before I hit the decks as I am shattered and my back is killing me.

Take care wherever you may be and I hope life is treating you well




  1. Sorry you've had a rough day, hope tomorrow (today!) you are much improved. I find snuggling up with a 'wheatie bag' against my back works wonders - do you have one too?
    I have a love/hate with your Sunday posts you know - those roasts torment me every week! I have a free-ranger in the fridge that I never got round to roasting, but I know how I'm going to roast it for tea now ;o)

  2. The chicken looks delicious - so sorry your back is bad, I hope it eases soon. My osteopath actually advised me to use a wheatpack that had been in the freezer for my back - the ice reduces inflammation. Not directly against your skin though, it needs wrapping in a tea towel or something. Of course it depends what the cause is, a hot one would probably be better for some things. It certainly feels more comfortable:)

  3. Hi PattyPan

    Is it the change in the weather (the rain) that's caused the pain or have you been pushing yourself a bit too much - it's hard isn't it - when you feel well, you feel like doing more and then when you do - you suffer for it later! Hope you'll soon be feeling much better

  4. Hi Rose - I am terrible - sorry its just that I am in a sort of habit that no matter what else we have for the rest of the week we always have a proper Sunday lunch, whether that be a simple dish or something a little more complicated. Its a tradition that has gone through three generations at least of my family. I am a big one for herbs as well and with all the new growth in my herb garden I wasn't wasting anything. I also make a herb omlette with a little of this and a little of that out of the herb garden. Delish. Hope you enjoy your chicken too.

    Take care Pattypan


  5. Hi Rowan and Sandra

    The chicken was lovely. My back on the OH is being a real problem at the moment. I use a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a clean dishcloth and alternate with the heat (i.e. a hot water bottle). I also self-treat with the Reiki which helps. Part of the problem is that I have osteo-arthritis and auto immune disease. I produce too many antibodies in my system (and it is the flare ups with the antibodies that cause the damage to the joints and the synovial fluid between the joints so that they grate rather than flow. In my system my body has attacked the joints and the soft tissue centres. I also have scleroderma. The Xrays carried out on my hips show degenerative changes. I am waiting for the results of the MRI Scan which were taken of my hips and also my back but the Doctor wants to know what's going on underneath before determining what to do for the best.There is a suspcion that I have trapped nerve/nerves in my lower back, but I am hoping that they will be able to help. If not I may well look into other alternative therapies or a trip to an Osteopath. I have too much living to do to give in gracefully. The wet weather doesn't help but I keep on moving whether I am being jipped or not Our gardens however and us do so need the water. One little perk of having the scleroderma is that apparently I will have very few wrinkles as the soft tissue in my body is tightning up! So I won't have to have botox! Not that I would anyway as I don't do needles!

    I hope you are both well take care




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