Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Remembering My Father Michael

Today would have been my father's birthday. Aware that my mum would be on her own we popped over unexpectedly this evening - we just arrived to make sure that she was okay. Doesn't hurt to make unexpected visits.   We ended up going to my father's grave and squaring it up and putting flowers on and remembering him in our own way.  My father was not one for not living his life he lived his life to the full and matured disgracefully.  He was always full of fun and you never quite knew what he was going to get up to next.   We then popped back to mum's and ended up having a birthday tea "fish n chips", and all too quickly we had to come away again.  But it served a purpose we remembered Dad's day and the impromptu visit cheered my mum up which was the main thing for me.  He is still in our hearts.

But news of a new generation reached us today - my goddaughter (no I don't fly a turbo driven vacuum cleaner contrary to popular belief)Rachel gave birth to her second daughter  Freya (a sister for Molly) today 31st May would have been my father's great great niece.  Mother and baby doing very well and now home - sort of adds a roundness to everything and put everything into context proof that life does not stand still and the wheel goes round another cog.

So a day that was tinged with sadness but with plenty of happy memories ends with welcoming a new generation  and all the best wishes , blessings and hugs and love that you can wish for anyone welcome little one.



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  1. What a lovely way to celebrate your dad's birthday, I'm sure your mum was thrilled to see you.


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