Saturday, 18 June 2011

2011.06.18 My Day

Its been a busy day as I have had the washing machine on getting all the clothes we wore on holiday cleaned and then dried in readiness for ironing later on.  Want to have all this done before I go back to work on Monday. Do not want a heaving ironing pile leering at me.Quite off-putting and intimidating.  I hate ironing, but I always make sure I do it properly - it is a discipline for me doing something I don't particularly like doing, its the standing that gets me but I cannot sit down to iron.

I also checked on my plants in my mini greenhouses and fed and watered them.  Have some sorting out to do tomorrow and also some more seeds to sow - but that is for tomorrow, something to absorb myself in.  But I have a horseradish root that has grown leaves so am well chuffed and the three tayberries and the gooseberries are also doing well.

Today I got back into the old routine - I wasn't intending to but I ended up buying lots of fresh fruit from the veg shop.  I bought two punnets of English Strawberries, some yellow pepper and courgettes, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, onions, mangoes, and more mangoes cherry tomatoes and raspberries.  The courgettes will get used in a chutney and the pepper prepared and then frozen for the freezer.  The cherry tomatoes are going to be bottled in brine for use in the winter months - I love cherry tomatoes - I also intend to freeze a load as well as I serve them with a big fry up.  The raspberries are going to be made into the first of this year's raspberry jam - I love raspberry jam its especially lovely in a home made swiss roll or victoria sandwich cake or on hotly buttered toast.  The mangoes are going to be turned into mango and chilli jam and mango chutney respectively and mango and chilli dipping sauce.  OH has become quite partial to curries and poppadoms and dips/chutneys/raitas.

The cherry tree is also heavily laden and I am hoping that we get the cherries rather than the birds - will put OH on the alert against the birds this week, so if successful I think I am going to be busy here too.  Then of course there are the elderflowers to use so am going to be busy busy busy.

Squeak has also taken a fancy to my blanket and has also parked herself on it whilst working some more rows this evening.  She has hardly let me out of her sight since I came home.  She was looked after by my friend whilst I was away so she was safe and cared for, but she is very much my cat and even OH doesn't see her very often when I am at work as she only tends to put in an appearance when I come home of an evening.  Its nice to be popular.

We have roast chicken tomorrow evening - not quite sure what I am going to do with it at this stage, but there are a lot of herbs in the border.

Am going to get on with a little more crotcheting so will catch up soon.

Take care




  1. Oh all your talk of chutney's and jam rolls has made my tummy rumble hehehe

  2. I just love food Kimmie and its always nice to have something different on the table or as an option to eat - am trying to keep the pantry well stocked with bottled goods that I know what has gone into them and also all other variants. Besides they taste so much nicer. I shall never be slim like my food too much!

    Take care



  3. Hey Pattypan welcome back wondered where you had gone. Looks like we both went for a break up north though of course you went further than us,we went to The Tranquil Otter near Carlisle.


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