Thursday, 30 June 2011

Smash Bang Whallop

I was busy last evening.  To start with we had a simple supper - I wanted something tasty and light for tea as I really could not fancy much to eat.  I decided on a toasted goat's cheese salad, done on French crisp baguette and served with mixed salad leaves with a drizzle of olive oil.

I have this whizzy thing gadget with various bits and bobs that I had used perhaps once or twice but out it came last night.  I decided that I was going to have a go at making a fresh herb dressing for the salad leaves, so into the blender goblet went some snipped fresh herbs, chives, rosemary, mint, and some fresh thyme from my herb garden a dollop of olive oil and some cider vinegar salt black pepper and a clove of garlic.  It was lovely and went well with the Goats cheese salad.  OH said was too tart for him and that he wanted it sweetening but I was more than happy with it.  In the end he had a Thai dressing (bought not home made) but it has given me ideas for messing about in the future.  With whizzing everything up it went a pale gungy green.  The remnants are in the fridge to use up with another salad later in the week.

That made me think that the whizzy thing may more than pay for itself and that I really should have a short term preserves section in my fridge for using within the week rather than a longer storage life on the shelves.

However I digress, I was intent after tea on using up some Mangoes that I had.  I had decided on a Mango Chutney (not like the chutneys you get in Asian restaurants but more an English take on a Mango Chutney).  After stirring and whiling away the evening until the chutney had thickened I got it all safely bottled up on the work top  -was very pleased with myself as I had seven jars for my efforts.  I then tripped over my feet put my hands out to steady myself and ended up smashing two jars on the kitchen floor.  Not a happy bunny as sticky hot chutney and glass all over the kitchen floor.  Talk about a few choice words.

After mopping everything up and getting rid of the glass and sticky chutney I carried on tidying the kitchen up, opened a top cupboard up to put some more items away and out of the cupboard fell my cornflour box and splattered everywhere that I had just cleaned  up.  Talk about Happy Days are here again - NOT!

After tidying yet again I then retired to bed - enough was enough for one evening, but at least I have 5 jars of  chutney for the Putdown.  It tastes good too.



  1. Ooh, it's SO frustrating when things start going wrong! I hate it, just when you think you've made one step forward to take two steps back. At least you had a lovely meal and great homemade chutney, look at the smashed jars as given to the gods ;o) On the positive side cornflour is better to clean up than coffee or sugar (my usual spills)the air is cetainly blue when that happens!
    Hope you have a good day tomorrow.
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  2. Sorry about the lost jars. I just had a rebottled bottle of wine pop its cork in the pantry. What a mess!

  3. Think you were wise to give up and go to bed under the circumstances:) How annoying to have lost two jars of your chutney though.


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