Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Wanderer Returns

Hi everyone

Sorry have been missing for a while - life sort of got in the way  and then there were all the preparations to put in hand before we went away up to Geoff's sister and her partner's holiday home near Dumfries where I have thoroughly chilled out.  We have been in good company, where when there were no words to speak the silence was still companiable and not at all uncomfortable.

I have found myself in beautiful  quiet countryside, no computer, television or mobile phone in sight.  We have all been wrapped up in our own little bubbles and I have found retreat in the stillness and the beauty of the countryside although as we all know the countryside has a quietness all of its own. Walking up hills, (getting out of puff after all we live in Fenland where there are no hills as such just little bumps) through gladed dense forests where light somehow penetrates and life subsists.  Walking amiably with three dogs in tow and just following where our feet took us through woods up hills, by hidden woodland pools, deer tracks foxgloves and a myriad of other wildflowers nestling in the hedgerows and being surrounded on occasions by the dreaded midges.  I feel calm and restored and rejuvenated - that holiday was so sorely needed by me and my inner self, ready to face what may come in the next few weeks, and months and years and the unwritten blank page, still to be written.  The wheel is moving on ever forwards taking us all with it - even if we fight things.

The weather has been mixed for the first part it wasn't too bad but in the latter days it rained and rained, but even the rain has a soothing repetitive sound when drumming overnight on the holiday home roof.  The skies have been very light hardly getting dark at all  - all this gone midnight - and there are mainly clear skies where you can see the stars and feel that if you reach up with your hand you would be able to pick the stars out of the sky and cradle them in your hand - metaphorically speaking of course.  All sorts of wildlife including owls could be heard by night.  The site where we were had hardly anyone on it

OH and his sister and her partner have been fishing - my back was uncomfortable so I just watched, and read and was just there.  My face has been belted by the sun and I am now sporting a peeling nose as it got so hot on one of the days the others fished - I hadn't really realised just how hot it was and being fair I burn too easily.  Fortunately I had some Aloe Vera with me which took the sting out of my face.  In one of the places at The Drum lake there is a shed complete with three swallow nests inside - one complete with four babies - mum and dad came and went as we sat in the shed out of the wind feeding their brood  irrespective of the fact that there were humans where they shouldn't be but parenting came first and the chicks were fed and nurtured despite us - nature is a wonderful thing.

I took my camera with me but unfortunately it is a tad poorly at the moment - something wrong with the screen.  Will have to see if we can get it sorted in due course.  I love having the use of the camera at my fingertips and so hate it when I do not have the use of it.

Another day we went to the sea - we let the dogs run on the near empty beach and they had fun.  To make life even more interesting we believe that there had been a rough night at sea the night before as there were loads of extremely large jelly fish on the tideline - large blobs of jelly  - have never seen them that large before.

It has been a wonderful break, and as we trundled home we came across all sorts of travellers embarking on their summer holidays heading south, caravans in tow and I felt a little sad that my holiday was over but wished them joy that theirs was just beginning.

Missy has had a whale of a time as she gets on well with Alfie and Lottie - Chris' two Cavalier King Charles spaniels.  She has been very quiet today - missing her partners in crime and she has been sticking close to me most of the day as a result until the next time. 

Whilst I have been away I have managed to do about 10 inches further to my rainbow blanket  which I am pleased about even when some of the time a little Jack Russel has firmly snuggled herself up into it despite me wanting to be on the bit she had just sat on.  I can see I am going to have to make her another snuggle blanket  - she is not having my rainbow blanket.  I am well over half way with this now so I am going to bring this to the forefront and concentrate on this in the evenings when I get home from work.  I would love to get this finished this year if at all possible.

Its been a good holiday - thank you Chrissy and Nick - its been great.  Hopefully will see you soon.

Catch up again shortly.  Till then




  1. Great to see you back Tricia! So pleased that you've had such a relaxing time 'away from it all' - we all need restorative peace and quiet at times :o) Good for the soul.
    The only black mark against certain parts of beautiful Scotland are the dreaded midges - we stayed near Newton Stuart in our touring caravan once - the most beautiful site we ever stayed on, but after booking in for 2 weeks we only stood the midges for 4 nights - they ate us to death :o(
    Best wishes - I've missed your posts.
    Rose H

  2. Thank you Rose - it was a lovely holiday. Funnily enough one of the places we went fishing was to a small lake in the mountains near Newton Stuart known locally as "Jack's Place" (well put it this way I was there but did not fish) and it was a lovely couple of days in very beautiful surroundings. I agree that the midges are dire though I don't seem to suffer as much as OH and his relations - think its something to do with the mediation I take which is used for treating malaria. Hopefully will get back into the swing of posting on a regular basis again in the next few weeks - preserving permitting

    Take care and thanks for popping in



  3. Good to see you back and I'm glad that you had such a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. It will have done you a lot of good and you will hopefully be feeling much better than you were.

  4. Sounds like you've had a perfect time!

    Look forward to seeing more blogs from you soon.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Kay :)

  5. Thanks Rowan I do feel more energised and better in myself for the break - am really just a country girl at heart that just about exists in the city - and it is great to escape the hustle and bustle which as I am getting older I am becoming less tolerant of! One day things will change, but there is the living in between to deal with before then which ultimately takes us to our journeys end. Hope you are keeping well too and that you are enjoying your forays into the past - I do pop in from time to time as I always love reading about the places you have been to as you make them come alive.

    Take care




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