Sunday, 17 July 2011

2011.07.16 My Day

The rain has been teeming down here for the best part of the day and the light has been dark like that of a winter's day - its summer not winter, but it has that kind of a feel.  We desperately need the water but we don't like the wet.  Needless to say the rain has its own soothing rhythm, it reminds me of summer holidays where we stayed in a caravan and heard the repeated pitter patter of the rain on the metal roof and playing board games, and just generally chilling and enjoying each other's company.  We always had the radio on as background noise - we have always been a family that listens to the radio and needless to say I have Pirate Radio on my computer in the background whilst I go about household chores.  I also listen to Heart too.

About 2.30 p.m. wonders of wonders the sun put in an appearance although initially there were further black clouds hovering, ready to down load, but it seemed to pass it certainly did not rain anymore here and so far the rest of the afternoon has been quite pleasant although there is a slight breeze.

I haven't really been able to get into the swing of things today have just been pottering really. OH made me something to eat at dinner - he made some gnocchi and made an onion, mushroom and blue stilton sauce to go all over served with hunks of bread, but I couldn't eat it all.  He had given me a big bowl full the sort of size he would eat quite easily and which I only ate about half of in the end.  I also prepared some posts, which are not quite there yet for posting at a date yet to come, so have not been completely idle.

In the end I gave up and did something that I used to do on a regular basis and that is I read a book.  It did not go down too well with other half as I become anti social when I read being totally absorbed with what I am reading, but he is usually playing a game on the computer upstairs in any event.  I have a stack of books I have been threatening to read  for a long while and some R and R time like this has been desperately needed for sometime.   So I have been a tad selfish and not much has got done.

Tomorrow I have a family occasion to attend - My mum has invited us out to dinner at a restaurant not far from where my brother lives in Baston.  It was my brother's 25th Wedding Anniversary a couple of weeks ago and he didn't want a lot of fuss just wanting to spend the time with his wife and children.  We usually go out just after Christmas/New Year as a family and this time we didn't, so to kill two birds with one stone my mum has decided to have a little get together.  I am looking forward to it as I love family occasions and it will be lovely to play catch up with my brother and his family and my mum

So hopefully I will play catch up at some point later tomorrow.  The weekends go far too quickly.

Catch you soon



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  1. Enjoy the R & R - we all deserve a little time out occasionally. Your OH cooks?! Could he give mine a few lessons please? :O)


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