Tuesday, 26 July 2011

2011.07.26 My Day

Its been a busy day at work I have been billing all day and it is ardous time consuming work and as a result my eyes are feeling strained this evening and I am very tired again and
so I am not indulging in any craft tonight.  Its cold again or at least I am feeling the change in the temperature. My toes have gone cold!

I didn't fancy much for tea and in the end just had some hot crumpets with some butter on - seemed appropriate in view of the change in the weather which according to this evening's weather forecast is liable to be variable for the next few days.

I have for once managed to catch up with the National News - usually I manage to pass it by, but did you see the article about the lady who went over the cliff at St Agnes down in Cornwall.  Someone was watching out for her today, (surely a miracle).
Oh and I had a surprise present from my friend yesterday.  Normally year in year out I have an Angelica plant or plants that self seed themselves, but last winter saw the end of my Angelica and I had been looking for a decent plant to pop into my herb border.  That mission has now been accomplished and so I am looking forward to making my own home made Angelica for cake decorating next spring.  Needless to say it has now been transplanted into my border along with the Lemon Verbena.  

Well I suppose I had better go and retrieve the cat - she has been out since early evening and hasn't been fed yet then no doubt she will deign to accompany me to bed, sit on me squash me and get herself really comfortable but she has to be cuddled up not covered up but cuddled up.  But then I suppose if we are really honest about matters we all need a good cuddle now and again its the hugs that make all the difference.

[HUGS] to all of you wherever you are.
Keep calm, keep safe catch up with you soon



  1. Hope you have a peaceful night Tricia cuddled up with puss - Guess what, I had hot buttered crumpets for tea too as I didn't fancy much either!
    Sending hugs to you too.
    Rose H

  2. How lovely to be given an angelica plant, I love the smell (and taste)of angelica. Hope all goes well with your appointments this morning.

  3. Thanks Ladies I had a peaceful night snuggled up next to Squeak although woke up about 5 a.m. but nodded back off again. Had an early start because of the Doctors, but all is well they have taken my blood although had trouble getting it - the nurse was not particularly gentle and ended up stabbing the needle in twice but my blood vessel did not give up much of a sample. Bit tight on that front. I also had to have some other testing done - she wasn't too gentle with that either, but at least its all done and dusted. Then straight from the Nurse into see the GP to get my medication for the hiatus sorted and update the GP. Phew thank goodness I don't have to go back to him for about three months unless I need to. Next month on the 18th off to see the Consultant for the hernia. Unless they give me any more appointments don't have to see the Consultants until next January. However am waiting for physio appoinmtments to be arranged. Its very tiring going backwards and forwards to the Doctors and the hospital and with also fitting it into the working week as appointments on a Thursday or Friday are more or less a non event. I work full time and the girl I work with works part time so it can get a bit difficult. Need to win the lottery with a decent sum that would solve a lot of current problems but probably cause a few more - but it could do a lot of good.

    I love Angelica too; have in the past made my own home made Angelica which turned out extremely different to the bought and tastes a lot nicer; have also made a home made liquer/digestive as well which is quite nice and something very different to he usual liqueurs - I like it anway.

    Hope you are both keeping well




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