Sunday, 31 July 2011

2011.07.31 My Day

Its been a busy weekend and I have managed to get all the washing done and air dried this weekend which is quite an achievement as there was a lot.  Now I have a large ironing mountain to deal with.  Guess what I will be doing tomorrow evening.

Its been a lovely day here today and even now it is still well warm and very muggy.  I have been busy as usual in the kitchen today.  I cooked tea tonight after a few weeks off.  We have had roast pork with home made sausagemeat stuffing roasted courgettes, roast potatoes, fresh baby carrots,cabbage and cauliflower with gravy.  Very tasty  it was too.

I don't use salt to get the crackling.  I have a gas cooker and for the first hour I blast the joint at Gas Mark 8 to give it a real nice crispy crackling.  OH has high blood pressure so I tend to avoid it if I can.  Here you see the joint and the stuffing after only ten minutes or so.  I also add a pack of lard to the bottom of the tin so that I can use this for roasting potatoes in the next few weeks.

You will see here that the joint is really coming on well this is after about the first hour and I turn the temperature down to Gas mark 5.  The potatoes I part boil to remove some of the starch, then drain them and add them to the nice hot fat.  The courgettes are just sliced and popped in.

 And of course there has to be home made apple sauce.  Just two cooking apples cored and peeled and then sliced, a little water added and a little sugar (I like apple sauce tart) until all the apple is pulped down.  I then transplant to a bowl on the side and leave to cool down.

 And here we are all ready to serve up it looks scrummy if I do say so myself.  I then drain the meat and put on a roasting dish together with the potatoes and the courgettes are popped into a dish and popped under the grill to keep warm.

Dished up ready to eat.  It was lovely and tasty.  Served up with a glass of Crabbies Ginger beer it went down a treat.  Like Crabbies love it to bits, but also love Cider.

I am now sat on the couch am just about to put my feet up.  I am going to work another square for the antique style cotton cushion cover as they are quick to do. (to go with the bedspread I hope to crotchet in the forseeable future road testing the stitches.

Hope you all have a lovely evening and that you have all had a lovely day.

Will catch you all soon.

Hugs to you all wherever you are.



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