Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Chuckle for the Day

Missy's Mum's owner sent me this today and I just felt I had to share it with everybody as it really made me chuckle.  Hope it makes you chuckle too.  Chuckling (especially a good belly one) really helps lighten the day - especially if its been a long one.  Life is too short not to chuckle so go on indulge.

God said, 'Adam, I
Want you to do 
Something for Me.'

Adam said, 'Gladly, 
Lord, what do You 
Want me to do?' 

God said, 'Go down 
Into that valley.'

Adam said, 'What's a Valley?' 

God explained it to 
 Then God said, 
'Cross the river.'

Adam said, 'What's a River?'

God explained that 
To him, & then said, 
'Go over to the hill....'

Adam said, 'What is a 

So, God explained to 
Adam what a hill was. 

He told Adam, 'On 
The other side of the 
Hill you will find a 

Adam said, 'What's a 

After God explained, 
He said, 'In the cave 
You will find a woman..' 

Adam said, 'What's a Woman?'

So God explained 
That to him, too.. 

Then, God said, 'I 
Want you to 

Adam said, 'How do 
I do that?'

God 1st said (under 
His breath), 'Geez.....'

And then, just like Everything else, God Explained that to 
Adam, as well.

So, Adam goes down 
Into the valley, 

Across the river, & 
Over the hill, into the 
Cave, & finds the 

Then, in about 5 Minutes, he was back. 

God, His patience 
Wearing thin, said
Angrily, 'What is it

And Adam said....



LOVE THIS!!!!!!)






'What's a headache?'

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