Sunday, 24 July 2011

Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady Crafts

This is the book I was referring to last night in my post of Crotchet. It has some lovely ideas in it for decorating your home and it is a book I have had from new and for quite a few years.  Its one to look out for at the car boots or charity shops as it has lots of useful instructions. I taught myself how to do ribbon weaving from this book never having done it before and have gone on to make several pieces which have yet to be turned into little creations.

The next two photographs show the heirloom style bedspread that I want to make for myself together with lots of other little projects.  The second photo of the bedspread shows the detail in the stitches.

The rug below is worked in cross stitch

The photos above of the cushions on the bed shows the cushion I am crotcheting or at least have started to crotchet.  I also have the fabrics for doing the other cushion covers.  I like the traditional old style charm of pretty things brought together some old some new, some rejuvenated it adds its own individuality and charm.

Here is the first square worked last night, I love the texture of this square although I had to work it on a smaller hook as I could not locate my crotchet hooks in their case, but as it is the cushion cover and it was a new stitch to me, it serves a purpose, although I shall hunt the larger hook out to work one of the bedspread squares and then decide whether to stick with the larger hook or stay with the smaller hook.  Working the double knitting crotchet cotton with a 3.5 mm hook has given a firm texture to the piece worked above but there is a nice firmness to it too.

I have only worked the one square so far and am trying to do some more to my other blankets first - I just had to try it as was in the mood to play a little last evening

The book covers all sorts of crafts, but I have also managed to pick up quite a few Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady Kits over the years. 

If you are patient, careful and selective you can pick up things that go together.  When the Country Diary homewares stuff came out I wasn't able to afford it, it is only in latter years that I have picked up bits and pieces.  I picked up a full range of year plates and also a partial dinner service by Noritake which I hope to add to in due courseI would like to make the following projects in due course at some point as well.

The pine chair in the bottom picture is very like my rocking chair, but mine is a fiddleback, but the same shape - I have pine furniture in my bedroom too.   I also have the antique lace nets throughout the house too.  One day I will get there and get everything completed.

Do you have any projects on the go or are in the process of collecting bits and bobs to create a project that it is work in progress.  Would love to hear from you.



  1. I've always loved the Country Diary things and have had this book since it was first published, I have the knitting book too and one or two others. One day I may even make something out of one of them. Meantime I get a lot of pleasure from just looking at them:)

  2. this brought back many memories for me as I loved the Books when they first came out

  3. What a lovely blog. You sound very much like me. I love the photographs and will book mark you now that i have found you


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