Sunday, 10 July 2011

First Pickings 2011

I popped into the garden yesterday and was surprised to see a load of blackberries ready for picking.   These blackberies have self set themselves - originally I think from a cultivar I had down the garden, but now free range as they say.  Once the blackberries have gone the garden will be getting attacked and sorted out in readiness for next year.  I intend to save some of the plants, just relocate them.

I have managed to get a pyrex dish full of them.  Not bad for the first pick and I can see some bramble and apple jam being made.  A family favourite.  Later on when I get a few more I think it will be Bramble Jelly or "Bramble Delly" as my step-daughter Ruth used to call it as a child - and still does!

Of course there are still the wild brambles to come - a little later on.

The wheel has moved on a touch, ever silent ever gliding always there.   Marking the passing of time.

NB since writing this post - this afternoon have been out for a walk and a forage and have found ripe blackberries - not many but definitely black and ripe; give it another week or so and they should be ready to start to pick - well at least round here

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  1. Yum,blackberries! Like the sound of Bramble Delly ;o) I've seen loads forming in the hedgerows.
    I forgot to take a photo in all my excitement today, but I picked my first five runner beans! Had them for tea with lamb chops, carrots, minted new potatoes and peas :o)
    (What a shame Trev dislikes runner beans...they're my favourite)


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