Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Health Update

I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Hurrah it has been far too long.  Last week I had an endoscopy examination and it has been found that I am producing too much acid in my stomach with me suffering reflux as a result.  I have also been diagnosed with a hiatus hernia with  a stricture, which is treatable with medication.

However for the past two years or more I have experienced a lot of pain in my lower back and hips and sides of my thighs, and on examination at the hospital it was discovered that my movement was severely impaired more on the left side, but also on the right.  The Registrar sent me for an MRI Scan to find out what was causing the problem.  She did not want to give me exercises etc to do withouth knowing the underlying reason for the problem. (It does not help that I have Raynauds Syndrome, Osteo Arthtiris, Auto Immune disease in the form of Sjorgens Syndrome and Scleroderma). 

Yesterday I received my results and the Head Consultant (who I had only seen once before) went through the results with me showing me the MRI scan on his computer.  It was quite clear from that scan  I have a disc out of alignment,  which is putting pressure on the nerves in the lower back resulting in the problems I have been experiencing.  I was given two injections in the lower back one either side - and I have had a degree of comfort in the past day and a half than I have had in the past two years.  I have quite a high pain threshold like my mum, but the constant pain has gotten me down - especially as they were not treating the pain which was the reason I had been referred back to clinic in the first place.  

The Consultant thinks the movement in the disc is down to wear and tear.  I also have to go to see the physiotherapists to learn exercises in the next few weeks for keeping the central core muscles in tip top condition (I have repeatedly complained that I have felt like I was sinking).  With the problem with my back it has knocked my walking out of kilter and I also have to have some shoe inserts made to make me walk properly as it has upset my arches on my feet and I have gone slightly flat footed which is also causing a problem.  I am very relieved that there is something that can be done in the long run and feeling more comfortable makes me feel better about everything in the long run.  Its only early days but after those injections yesterday which have given me a lot of relief already {I am phobic about needles and suffer them under duress} but I am feeling more positive about matters generally as living with long term pain does get you very down.  What makes it worse is that because on the outside you look okay and other people do not always realise or appreciate that it is a disguise hiding the truth, because one does not want to be a moaning minnie.  It is bad enough being down yourself without infecting everyone else with the gloomies as well.  {the black dog is not an easy bedfellow and I certainly do not welcome his appearances I do not cope well with the gloomies}.

I would like to thank you all for being very supportive of me on my down days and for your hope,, and words when I have found it difficult to cope, your enthusiasm for life, your love of your fellow travellers and care expressed privately or here on my blog have meant a lot to me - and has kept me going.  I now plan to embrace life fully and disgracefully.  Well you only have one life its not a rehearsal.  Besides it makes life more interesting.  Now its upwards and onwards I have some exercises to get to grips with!

Thank you with all my heart




  1. Sounds like you have been really suffering!

    Have you ever thought of seeing a homoeopath? I too have had an auto-immune system disorder, but found homoeopathy helped!

    Good luck!

    Kay & Sime xx

  2. Don't know how I miss this post Tricia? I'm so pleased that you have some relief from your pain, and more importantly the source is discovered - the only way is up from now on :o)
    Keep improving..
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  3. So glad to hear that things are looking up on the health front,not being in so much pain must make a huge difference. If you can strengthen your back muscles with exercise that will help too. If the reflux meds also do their stuff you'll be a new woman:)

  4. go girl!! lovely to see you feeling so positive about the future!!

    leanne x


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