Friday, 8 July 2011


Hello everyone, just to let you know that I am okay after the endoscopy procedure yesterday.  Thank you all for your good wishes and throughts.  I opted for sedation on top of the anaesthesia they use on the back of my throat - I was awake throughout the whole procedure and behaved myself - I told them I was very nervous and they were brilliant with me.  I have a hiatus hernia  and reflux which is causing the problem with me swallowing my food which gets stuck midway in my oesophagus.  They have assured me that this should be treatable with medication and I have to go back to clinic in August to see how I am doing and the full report.  The procedure has left me very sleepy though.

It has been a busy sad and very moving day as the mum of my friends Jackie, John and Caroline was cremated today.  Her instructions were that she wanted a celebration of her life and she left a gift for everyone who attended - her famous meatball recipe which is absolutely delicious.  So it has been a mixed day but one of the loveliest funerals that I have been to if one can say that of a funeral.  It was very much a celebration of a very much missed lady - Beattie.

I am now going up ther wooden stairs to Bedfordshire to get some much needed shuteye.

Hope you are all okay wherever you may be.  Will catch up soon promise.

Hugs to you all




  1. Hugs

    I have the same hernia not fun!

  2. I'm so glad that all went well with the endoscopy and that it turns out to be something that can be trated. Hopefully you will soon be feeling much better. Have a nice, restful weekend.

  3. Oh how I sympathise with you and the reflux situation.
    I have the same problem but just cannot have the tube down my throat. Everyone I know that has had it done says that it is vile.
    The worst thing is that all the foods I like make me feel quite ill and really tired. There are so many things that are caused by reflux, that simple little word......
    I have to be very, very careful what I eat and that for me is murder, as I love my food and cooking.
    I am taking a pill daily at the moment and must say that it is a lot better, but I hate taking pills.
    Hope they work for you

  4. I'm sorry to hear about this my dear, and hope that the medication works. The endoscopy must have been rather unpleasant though.

    Sorry not to have been around, but we have had another pointless round of house decorating etc to try and keep it tidy as it is on he market with another agent, but still no-one has been to view it . . . Must keep positive!

  5. Oh tricia, i am so sorry you've had this ordeal, and very glad you are through the other side with a good diagnosis. hopefully now your doc can help you feel much much better. sending hugs to you my friend leanne x

  6. Hi Tricia, I'm please that you got through the endoscopy and the problem is so treatable.
    I can understand your comment about Beattie's cremation service. My Uncles funeral service was a joyus occasion with much more laughter than tears...what a great send off eh?
    Hope you get a good nights sleep.
    Night, night
    Rose H


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