Wednesday, 13 July 2011

This Evening....

This evening has been slightly hectic to say the least.  I work in a solicitors office and had just got home, we had let the dog out into the garden and she got stung on the mouth and hip by two rogue wasps and she started to show signs of distress.  We therefore ended up taking her to the Vets, which is alongside the building where I actually work (so a repeat trip back) and into see the Vet.  On inspection the Vet said that her muzzle and where she had been bit had started to swell and it was decided to give her a steroid injection to make her more comfortable and minimise any problems for her. One injection later with a bill of £36 (£25 for consultation the rest the drugs) but we have one more comfortable little Jack Russell.  Big sigh - very different to when after she had got stung - wouldn't have anything to do with her Dad, just shook and shook and shook and kept cuddling up to me  clinging to me - whereas normally she is like a limpet clinging to her Dad like there is no tomorrow and it takes quite a lot of leverage to remove her.

We then bought her home and  a little while later took her for a brief walk down by the river to let her run (by this time she was not showing any signs of distress and was back to her old self).  We had quite a leisurely walk down by the River and were just mooching along following the dog, and talking as you do when I spotted something I have been looking for for ages - well certainly last year I was - Horseradish.  I now have an X marks the spot  with an eye to harvesting the root later on in the year.  I really love home made horseradish and it can be stored in the freezer quite successfully so fingers crossed and toes plaited I will be able to put some up for winter (lovely with Roast Beef a Rib Eye Steak or to pep up a dip).  So that was quite a highlight of a very busy day.

Since then have had some tea, and have been watching a little TV with a deep sigh of relief that matters have ended  well after all.  Big sigh.

Catch you all later




  1. So glad it all turned out okay.
    I remember we suddenly noticed that one of the kittens feet was twice the size as the other, and all I could think was that she had been stung, we decided not to panic and it eventually went down, but with the mouth of course you have to be careful.
    Good luck if you get to dig that horseradish, they go down a long way.....

  2. Poor little girl that must have been really painful especially the sting on her muzzle. Glad she is feeling better now.


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