Saturday, 30 July 2011

Wish List of Things to Try

I posted recently that there were a lot of things that I would like to do before I die list.  Some of the items are more practical things on a lifestyle basis others are things I would like to experience to exhiliarate the soul  This is by no means comprehensive but is a start is in no particular order just as my rambling mind thinks of things and "spills"
  1.  Set my intent and focus and share the love there is too much discord in this world.
  2. Learn to tread lightly and live simply.
  3. Learn to drive so that I can regain my independence - I hate having to rely on people to transport me here and there and there are things I am interested in that I cannot get to because of lack of transport or the good grace of others.  I like going to car boots, antiques fairs, needlecraft shows, etc. etc.  I also love doing the charity shops and not all are easy for me to get to.
  4. Progress my Mediumship training in whatever way I can WIP
  5. Take my Masters in Reiki so that I can teach and help others
  6. Learn more about herbs and their uses on a practical basis
  7. Go on a Mushroom forage and/or training course to help recognise the different varieties and as to whether they are edible or not. 
  8. Get Food Safety Certificates.
  9. Go on a couple of the River Cottage courses specifically the preserving courses and also the meat courses relating to making your own bacon and salamis.  I know I do a lot already but there is still lots I need to learn.
  10. Live in Cornwall near the sea and in the countryside; my creativity is stifled here in the town I need the freedom of the open places to let it flow and grow and I feel at home in Cornwall always have - plus the climate is milder than up here which would be better for my health, even though I glory in those really cold crisp snowy mornings.
  11. Re-learn to ride a horse - I got as far as learning to show jump before and took place in my first gymkhana before being thrown by the mare I was riding and sustaining an injury to my eye which resulted in a hole in my cornea which ulcerated.  Haven't been back on since - would like to get to grips with this to quell my fears as it gave me so much freedom and I did love being with the horses.
  12. Ride a horse bare back along the sand and on a beach where the tide is in - so that the spray splashes up and to experience the exhiliaration and the freedom.
  13. Have a bedroom with windows in the ceiling so could go to sleep looking up at the moon when it is out and visible  - there is something so soothing about moonlight  [oohps need a house first - then a possible loft conversion]
  14. To Own my own home again in the countryside  so that I can put down roots and work with what is available to make a strong foundation - which at the moment is looking pretty unlikely unless divine intervention or a win on the lottery arises and being able to stamp my own imprint on and make my own things for, either recycling, restoring, buying occasional new things or making things from scratch.  I have this vision in my head that I cannot get away from - its getting stronger instead of weaker - whether that is an indication that it is on its way or not I do not know but it is there.  I am very much a home body and although not house proud I like things to be nice and an expression and reflection  of who I am.
  15. Have a large Pantry and I mean large to put in all my home preserved goodies.
  16. Have my own large veg garden and orchards
  17. Have my own chickens, geese and ducks, pigs, cow and possibly a couple of goats.
  18. Have my own bees (have been on a beekeeping course but where I live at the moment we have neighbours who are a tad difficult and kick off very easily.  It would be carrying on  a family tradition as my Grandad kept bees, my uncle kept bees, my dad kept bees.
  19. Travel a lot more than I do, but then if  learn to drive and pass my test this is feasible and achievable if the Doctor says yes.  That one little world "If" means so much to so many and all with a different take.
  20. Visit sacred sites throughout the country and take in the magic and tranquility of those said sites.
  21. Find out who me really is [major problem]
  22. Learn to listen to my inner voice more than I already do - not an easy lesson at the best of times.
  23. Have a business/businesses of my own have some ideas but other things need to be in place before this can happen WIP
  24. Try and live my life as honestly as I can without impacting on others unnecessarily or on the environment I live within.
  25. To be true to myself and just "be" without other people's expectations of who they think I am getting in the way.
  26. Try to live within the present and take each day as it comes and for each gift it presents us with.
  27. Be generous of nature and of heart.  I always feel I can do more than I do already.
  28. Learn to Waltz
  29. Learn to read music
  30. Learn to play piano/squeezebox
  31.  Be a better person especially in the face of adversity
  32.  To help others where I can
  33. Learn to make my own soap
  34. Learn how to make sourdough bread
  35. Get a Canner
  36. Get an Excalibur Dehydrator
  37. So that I can do more preserving than I already do
  38. TBC


  1. What a great wish list!

    There's a lovely place for sale near us:

    Just wished we could afford it!

    Why don't you move to Cornwall? Find a place to rent first, get settled & take your time looking for the perfect place... If we can do it - so can you!

    In the meantime - enjoy crossing things off your list!

    Kay :)

  2. Great list! You need number 7 before you do number ideally!
    I've sussed 18 and I'm learning to do number 22 quite successfully since retirement - I'm getting very selfish and try to speak my mind maybe a little more tactfully than I feel!
    I wish you well on your journey through the numbers, and hope you attain some of them pretty soon :o)

  3. Kay and Sime what a lovely house - slight problem I would have to rob a bank to finance it. Have some groundwork to do to put things in place like driving and also food hygiene certificates, which can easily be dealt with once I have saved up for the courses. The driving might be a bit more problematic at the moment, but there are other things I can potentially do. So with a little bit of luck and hard graft anything is possible, so it may well be that in the forseeable future I may well end up relocating.

    Rose, I have realised its up to me to do something with my life and that if I don't get a wriggle on life will pass me by, so am working on it.

    Thank you all for your support, everyone needs a dream something to aspire to, but we have to live in the real world as well.

    Catch you soon



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