Sunday, 24 July 2011

Wool Addiction Craft and Crotchet

A couple of weeks ago I was given a copy of a crotchet pattern for a scarf to crotchet, a little bit of whimsy a neck warmer.  Since then I haven't been able to stop crotcheting and have made three so far - these are for myself for wearing at work during the winter months.  See separate post for further detailst  They are simple and quick to make and an ideal small Christmas present, so I am getting stuck in and making one or two., three or four, five or six etc...

The pattern is a free one on the Artesano Website - it is the Corkscrew Scarf by Birgit Chaplin which can be downloaded as a pdf.

It is quite a way down the list.  So even if you don't intend to use the pattern now it might be worth dowloading it so that you have it in readiness for when you do want to use it.
Trouble is that this has spurred my latent hibernating wool addiction and I don't seem to be able to stop eyeing up the wool in John Lewis everytime I go in.  I love colour and the different textures and feel of the different wools and cottons.  I am the same with fabric too.  I am a very tactile person.  

The original pattern was worked in a  artesano silk - but as pennies are tight as usual I have been using what I have to hand already in the house.  One of the scarves I have used a variegated baby wool for and it has come up well and is extremely colourful and best of all it seems to be coming out really well.  Well I am chuffed  and it  is a fairly simple pattern to work.

I know I promised no more projects, but I have run out of wool for my big rainbow blanket i.e the cream inbetween and I want some more purpley and greeny colours to blend in with what I have done so far (will have to wait until the end of the month to top up) but I do have other throws I can get on with, - I can make one of these scarves in about half a day and it is keeping my hands going.  

I will get everything done eventually just might be a bit longer than I first anticiapted.  In any event I intend to have a blanket of sorts always on the go made from bits and bobs as a constant standby easy to do working piece.   I think the next one may well be made  from different shades of pinks, plums and creams, probably along similar lines to my Rainbow blanket which is lovely and snuggly and warm already and its three quarters completed. [Because it is a hefty blanket worked all in one, I have to clear the room out when I am working this and I usually end up with Missy and Squeak vying with each other trying to lie on the blanket  whilst I am trying to work it - both Missy and Squeak have their own crotchet blankets in any event, but it doesn't stop them].  However that will most definitely not be started until next year, although I am starting to sort out the odd ball of wool and putting it up to one side so that I have a stash ready to start next year.

Today I also received my next tranche of The Art of Crotchet Magazine partwork together with four more balls of wool for the throw (which I really am going to get stuck into during the winter months) a square could be easily achievable of an evening, but some of it is new stitches so will be reading from the magazine to try and work out how to do these so may take a little longer.  But it is such a colourful throw.  There are also lots of lovely other patterns in it as well.  

I've certainly got the crotchet bug at the moment and a passion for working new stitches, previously I have only kept to simple treble or double crotchet or squares consisting of trebles  For a lot of years I have had the Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady Book of Crafts, by Annette Mitchell which has a lovely crotched antique style bedspread in it, together with some matching cushion covers..  I happened to have some spare balls of the Patons double knitting cream crotchet cotton and so I have started to work the squares for two of these cushion covers, with the bedspread to follow on once I have mastered the stitches, I only started this evening just playing really and practising following a pattern and I have nearly completed one of the 8 squares required to complete one cushion cover; that means just for two of the cushion covers I have at least  16 squares to crotchet.  I will need approximately 800g of cotton to do this.  I am determined to be busy but then again I have a passion for lovely things and it gives me a lot of pleasure to make new items from scratch; I also like restoring things that are a bit unloved and bringing them back to life again.  I hope you get as much enjoyment out of making things as I do.

Catch you all soon




  1. You have enough to keep you going all autumn and winter here:) I've never learned to crochet but I know people say that it grows more quickly than knitting. Your little scarfs will be ideal for wearing to work on chilly days.

  2. So glad you are enjoying your crochet, I love crochet so much more than knitting. You must show us some pictures of the throws when finished.

  3. Hi Rowan

    Yes I am being a little bit over-ambitious but I really have got the crotcheting bug again and it keeps my hands going. I have found because I am typing and working to a high standard at work during the day that to come down and relax I have to have something really heavy going on a similar level to relax or something that I can often do on automatic pilot. I somehow feel that "idle hands etc" can always be productive in one way or another. I really have a lot of cross stitch projects to do as well but I think that if and when I start them they are going to have to be "winter jobs" for weekends when I can get set up on my sit up and beg stool where you kneel on a lower seat and sit on a higher one in order to keep the back posture correct, which is going to be have to something I am going to work on. I also have a mother and daughter lamp (Halogen work lamp with nice large magnifying glass and a side lamp to one side all off a central column. Trouble is during the week I cannot focus and see the colours properly especially after being at work all day. I cannot see without my glasses these days.

    I hope you are keeping well and looking after yourself and the delightful Bilbo Baggins. Crotchet is not difficult to learn but you need someone to show you how. The worst part is keeping the index finger upright (this controls the tension) but to start with I started off like finger knitting and my finger was made to stand to attention at college!

    Take care



  4. Hello Bryony

    I have posted up quite a few pictures on previous posts here are the references for your information

    All these links have some photographs of the works in progress - all various different crafts and I will of course post updated photographs as soon as the project is completed or near completed.

    I love doing craft work and like to have something on the go.

    Take care




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