Saturday, 30 July 2011

The Wordsmith

From a very young age I have had a love of words; I have always read and written pieces of poetry but words they have always fascinated me.  And a group of words formed into a sentence or into a book or a small poem, prose - needn't even rhyme but it conveys so much meaning, and so much hidden passion it surely is a truly beautiful thing.  

On a spoken word basis I don't always manage to convey how I am feeling or am able to communicate that fact, but give me a piece of paper and an opportunity to form my thoughts and write them down - then that is a slightly different scenario.  However, for one reason or another  - whetther I am too highly critical of myself or not - I always come to the conclusion that things can always be a lot better.

As a child I always had a bedtime story I was very lucky it was a regular event in our household - I like to hear people speak; I loved the folk tales and local legends; my dad made up stories and so did my grandfather.  They kept us children entertained and enthralled for hours.  They were born story tellers who had a gift with words; who also loved words like myself.  Because their passion for storytelling was so great and the stories always relayed with love, warmth and certainly lots of humour and because of their passion for words I have found very few people who match up to their exacting standards and the extent of the feeling that they relayed.  That is until I started reading this blog by Heartpoet.  I think you will agree with me he has a definite creative natural flair with words; and those words create all sorts of images in my minds eye which is what words are supposed to do.  I hope you will agree with me that Heartpoet is a Master Wordsmith.  I would like to see more of his work, and certainly in print.

For those of you who are not aware of Heartpoet he can be found here.

Heartpoet is the Husband of Kimmie at the Serendipity Cafe - yet again another excellent blog

This creative couple really do complement each other.  Go check them out I am sure you will agree.



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  1. Hi Patty

    I am so pleased that Heartpoets words match up to your dads and grandfathers exacting standards. I have had a love for words from a young age also. The Universe smiled upon me the day it sent Heartpoet to my door, his way with words still makes me swoon over a decade later.

    I feel like I am popping in to visit a dear friend every time I visit your blog. Always inviting, cosy, comfy and warm. Such positive love, light and energy that can be felt across the many miles here in Australia.




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