Tuesday, 2 August 2011

2011.08.02 My Day

For the best part of today life has been good apart from the fact that my jam maker is not co-operating but I am looking into that.  I had a lovely lunch with one of my good friends from work.  I don't have many friends but those I do are good ones and I would trust them with my life.  As if often the case with all my good friends they are not afraid to be themselves and often come over as characters, and a good belly laugh.  I even have very good Internet friends who I have never met, but nonetheless the bond is there.  Work has been hectic but that is par for the course.  OH was supposed to fetch me but I ended up having to walk home as the car was not co-operating again. On the positive side the walk did me good but I hurt now and it will not be long before I am up away to bed with the cat, my constant companion when I am home.  OH doesn't see anything of her during the day but as soon as I come in at night down she comes to greet me and then snuggles up.

Turning back to the car again I am worried as if it is something big we just don't have the wherewithall to do anything at the moment and we were supposed to be going away in September, but I am not sure that is going to happen at the moment although I sorely need the break again.    We very much need the car it makes life easier all round. The chap we bought it from  (a local trader) is coming to have a look at it tomorrow as it is covered by a warranty of sorts.  So hopefully something can be done.  So with the car and the jam pan...... argh virtual hari kari wasn't far off.

But I have been jam making the Greengages are now all done.    I have calmed down a bit.  I have Apricots to tackle tomorrow for Apricot jam so another busy evening tomorrow.  At least I am taking care of the pantry.  There's a lot that needs doing and I really need to get a wriggle on as so little time.

Will catch you all shortly

Take care



  1. Hope the car gets sorted out cheaply! They can be a right pain can't they?
    I've never used a jam maker, I'm just off to find out more about them....hope yours will behave it's self.
    Night, night. Hope your aches and pains soothe overnight.

  2. I got mine from Lakeland but they are currently £119 to buy from new. Look around the Internet to see if you can find one a bit cheaper. I love my little jam maker to bits because it frees me up to do something else whilst the jam is cooking.

    Nighty night and catch you soon



  3. Hope the Jam pan and car are both easily sorted *H*


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