Sunday, 7 August 2011

2011.08.07 My Day

Its been a lovely day; I still have remnants of the nasty migraine from Friday in that I am a bit heady, but I have been getting out in the fresh air in order to clear my head; its helped but it is still hanging around.

We have had a lovely time at my mum's when we eventually got there.  We had forgotten that it was Deeping Raft Race weekend where all sorts of water filled fun happens, all in the aid of charity.  Deeping St James where my mum lived was totally cut off and we had to go in the back way by driving down the bypass and then cutting cross country back into the village.  Hey these things are sent to try us but we got there in the end.

We had a lovely time at mum's.  Bless her heart she had cooked a leg of lamb with roast potatoes, boiled potatoes, fresh green runner beans, broccoli, cauliflower, yorkie pud, carrots with lashings of gravy.

And then for pudding we had fresh English strawberries, meringue and ice cream.

Unusually for me I cleared both my plates it was scrummy.  Mind you I haven't been able to eat tea yet!

Here's mum dishing up (above)- now perhaps you can see where I get my cooking skills from.

I did the washing and drying up afterwards whilst mum sat for a while.  We then all went into the conservatory for a cup of tea and a good natter.  It was just lovely to spend quality time with her again sat in the conservatory with the doors open and the fresh air coming through. Because of working all the time and then trying to do things at home as well I don't always get to see her as much as I would like, which worries me as I love her to bits, although she knows if she wants something doing she only has to ask and I will go and help. We then pottered a bit in the garden I have four of her home grown tomatoes that I have bought home with me.  I have asked for any green ones later on in the year to make chutney with.

Mum is going minimalistic at the moment and has been dishing out items that she no longer wants around the house.  I think she is worried about leaving a mess behind for us to sort out, although she hasn't said in so many words, but that's what I am reading from her.  I have come away with a stone crockpot I gave her years ago (I collect these) and some brass ornaments one of which is a brass tray that my grandmother always used to have in her home with fruit on.  I have had a good go at it cleaning wise, with a lemon and some salt which has brought it up some more but I think it perhaps needs another couple of goes.  So I am well chuffed with the freebies

Since I have got back  I have picked a big bowl of blackberries out of the garden, but got stopped by a heavy rain shower, so will pick some more tomorrow.  They are in the fridge now for processing tomorrow.

However, the wild blackberries I got this morning 2lb of them I have added 2lb of cooking apples an 4lb of sugar and made 7lb blackberry and apple jam.  It tastes yummy.

The apples and blackberries as they were after being put in the pan and mixed around a bit.

After the initial bubble.

Its a lovely colour, and testing for a set below

Ready for bottling up

All 7 jars and a diddly bit. 

Hope you have all had a lovely day - I am going to sit down for a bit now, but am going to be busy again tomorrow evening.


  1. Your mum's meal had me drooling ...what a plateful ...I LOVE roast lamb but I now am the only one who does I dont cook it.anymore.
    Love the look of that jam ...the little bit left is the bit I love as one has an excuse to try the jam early.

  2. I'm drooling here too! The jam look delish :o)

  3. Hi Angie

    Welcome to my blog. My mum is a very good cook and the meal was as delicious as it looked. You cannot beat a nice piece of lamb that is well cooked. Sometimes you have to treat yourself.
    The jam I am pleased with, you definitely get the flavour of the wild brambles and of the apple, full of flavour so will be nice on scones with cream, in a cake, on croissants, in the bottom of a steamed pudding or in a tart of some description. Am going to have a go at making some bramble and apple curd too.

    Thanks for popping by


  4. Oh! I forgot to say try tomato sauce on your tray - yep, I know it sounds weird but I tried it and was amazed at the results I thought it was better than salt and lemon - just don't leave it too long - and it rinses off really easily.

  5. Thanks for that Rose will have to try that.

    I knew you had to have your Sunday fix with the roast and I couldn't leave you out even if I wasn't at home.

    Take care



  6. Oh how I love a good roast and boy oh boy does your mums roast look delish!

  7. Your Mum's leg of lamb looks yummy. I haven't had lamb for a long long time. Not a popular meat item here, when we do see a roast it is soooooo expensive. I do by a lamb chop for myself when they have good ones in the store.
    I can taste your jam already, such a nice colour.
    Yesterday we had a storm which left 2 inches of much needed rain on my garden, I can see me having to get my lawm mower started up again in the near future.
    Lemon juice and salt and tomato sauce!! Ishould give that a try.

  8. Oh my I would have loved a place at that table. The food looks so good and so pretty.


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