Saturday, 20 August 2011

2011.08.20 My Day

The weather started off really sunny here today - a perfect washing day and I got a wriggle on and was up early to take advantage of this natural drying weather.  Sadly it has now come over cloudy and grey and the sun has done a disappearing act.  But at least I got some of my washing done. Hopefully will get it finished off tomorrow.

I have managed to do two roasting pans full of tomatoes in readiness for another batch of passata; trouble was I couldn't find my bottles - but hey alls well that ends well I have more than I thought I had and have been able to put my mother's old kilner jars into service again as some Liefeheit metal seals and rings that I had already fit perfectly which I am pleased about.  I have two jars that seem to have a larger seal so I am going to look into getting some seals and rings for these too.  I use a lot of the tomato sauce for pasta which we tend to have every week so every time I can bung up a couple of extra jars it always helps.  I have plans to do some fruit salad in syrup in the next few weeks or so too.

I am going to have to start getting a few empty bottles again and build up another stock for use, especially in the weeks to come.  Everyone seems to be taking advantage of preserving things this year I went into Lakeland to get some new jam jar lids - and they had about 4 packs on the rack and none in stock!  Its a good job I normally keep a few by but these were for my mate.

I am also going to do a couple of jars of cherries in syrup - got a couple of punnets from the greengrocers the real black ones - they are for the Christmas pack., will be lovely in a black forest style gateaux - I have some kirsch in the cupboard I might add a drop to the syrup  I have also done a couple of jars of blackberries in syrup and apple and blackberry pie filling and apple pie filling as well as some chilli jam and some mango jam.  I also have some lemon curd to make.  I need to get some peaches/nectarines in the next few weeks too looks like I will be hitting the market come pay day.  Hopefully I will go on a foraging trip tomorrow - I might make some pastry and do some apple and blackberry pasties for puddings/snacks to be stored uncooked in the freezer will see how we go.

I intend to do some soups in the coming weeks for the freezer so that we get lovely home made hot soup during the week in the winter months.  I could live on soup its a meal in itself with some lovely home made bread, 

I have also set about the books again just about got them all on the shelves and tidied up and crash bang whallop three of the shelves fell down, so back to the drawing board I think the top shelves are going to have to be stored upstairs as the plaster just is not holding the shelves.  Bummer.  Its always the same in this house - Aargh!

I have a bread loaf on the go and might have a go at doing some teacakes - will see how I feel.

Have to get on - lots of things to do as usual too little time to do it.  

By the way if you hadn't already gathered I do love my food.


N.B.  I have 4 small (about 1pint) kilner Jars and a large Kilner jar full of pasta sauce - that's roughly 5 weeks worth (the larger jar being the family version.  Not bad

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  1. You certainly do 'get a wriggle on' Tricia! I feel worn out just reading this ;o)
    The bottled fruits sound so lovely, my mouth is watering....I have some lemons and I got butter from the farmers market today, I may make lemon curd tomorrow - just the smell makes me hungry.
    I'm collecting the raspberries as they ripen in drips and drabs and freezing them until I have all the crop, then it'll be jam time.
    Hope it's dry for your washing, so you can get it all done. Then I bet you'll be having a lovely roast!
    Enjoy the day whatever you're up to :o)


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