Sunday, 21 August 2011

2011.08.21 My Day

I had a lay in today  - such wicked luxury and apparently I missed a thunder and lightning storm.  Needless to say this morning started off grey and I couldn't decide whether I was hot cold or indifferent.  So I popped my sweatshirt on as I felt a tad chilly and got outside and it was warm.  We went and walked the dog - I didn't get to forage OH was in a hurry, but I did have a good look around and I think I will be going one night in the week again (didn't get last week) as operation book case was on the cards and finding his toolkit which is dotted in different places around the house proved something of a problem, but it got done the book case has been fixed and I then spent some considerable time -restocking the books.  Phew we have a floor again.  Now just have to get the rest of the room sorted but at least all the books have been rearranged.  I thought I would show you some photos of what I have been talking about - these are only partial photos but it will give you some idea.

First of all the book shelves that fell down with all the books!  The top three shelves fell!

This is part of the freestanding pine bookcase which houses just cookery books - these are only a few of them the rest of them are upstairs at present.

That took me the best part of the afternoon - I have a load of classic books with vellum and gold bindings which were on the top shelp of the top picture but have had to given them a good dust down and they are now packed up for the time being out of the way.  God help me when it ever comes to moving I am going to have my work cut out (26 years of collecting to date), but nevertheless some lovely bits and bobs.    Mind you I do use my books and I get a lot of pleasure out of them.  I was always taught that if you have a book or books you always have a friend.  I am a very tactile person I could never give my books up!

I did give about 6 to 8 books away to the Charity shop though this week - I took them before I changed my mind - they were ones that I didn't think I would ever use so rather they get handed on to someone who will use them and raise funds for important causes in any event.  I am seriously missing going to car boots and the charity shops.  When I popped in to take the books in I had a good look around and they had some nice solid wooden furniture at quite cheap prices.  Just wish I had room to stockpile an item or two

I was going to do a roast but because of the chaos elsewhere decided to just roast the chicken and then made home made chips.  We had tea late.  I had also started my friend off on making her own pickled onions and so went over to show her how to finish those off.  Its pickled beetroot she will be having a go at next week and the week after pickled eggs.  Breaking things down into a project for the week helps her put something up and also is not too heavy on the purse for her, being as she is a retired pensioner.  I have also kidnapped her ladder and the Cotoneaster tree/bush in the front garden is going to get a seeing too tomorrow night as well as the privet hedge which needs a hair cut too  The bay tree in the back garden also needs doing so I think I am going to be busy this week.  OH can then drop off the rubbish at the tip.Once the front garden is all nice and tidy I can set about the windows.  Might ask my step-daughter's partner if he can do them for us as he has his own window cleaning business.

We were supposed to be going on holiday to OH's sister again at the beginning of September, but have had to cancel this due to financial restraints.  I am still having the time off work but its a case of having to be sensible and practical although I would have loved to have gone.  So am going to be home, but I have several things lined up to sort out so I am going to be busy.  I want to make sure that the doors are sorted out with thick curtains to stop any draughts for this coming winter and also want to reclaim the garden so that I can take advantage next year of growing things early on, and if we have another cold winter at least if I can get the garden dug it will do the soil good.

I have the bramble wine to pop into its demijohns tomorrow night ,so it looks as though I am going to be busy, busy busy.

Have to get my hair washed ready for work tomorrow

Well idle hands make the devils work!

Gets me into all sorts of trouble.

Take care wherever you may be [hugs to you all]



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  1. I had to smile at the book case pictures Tricia - looks like we have as many books as you do! I spent some of Saturday trying to move stuff round in the office/craft room, but I've had to come to the sad conclusion that some books HAVE to go. I haven't sorted them yet...
    I like the idea of preserving 'one a week' - a good thing to share with a friend.
    The garden is an ongoing task isn't it? There's always something to do.
    I understand completely about not going away.
    My OH is on holiday this week and should be returning from Holland anytime now. I'm going to make sure we get some days out together though, as I'm at home during the day I never feel like I've had a holiday!


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