Thursday, 25 August 2011

2011.08.25 My Day

Its been a busy day at work and then me flying off to see the physiotherapist.  She is pleased with me and I have some more exercises to work on to try and get some more movement in my core muscles.  I have to carry on with the exercises I was given which includes the aptly named "Tom Jones" which are pelvic thrusts, (if you get my drift) Knee Hugs and slouch over correct which straightens the back out to its correct position. There are also two more exercises to add to the regime. These include double bum tucks, single bum tucks just one cheek at a time (you want to try this not as easy as it sounds) and also more pelvic floor muscle work, where I have to do  5 repetitions twice a day with a minimum hold of three breath cycles.  The aim of this exercise is not to be tough but to have an element of relaxation as this will make the muscles work much more efficiently.  This time the exercises are on my back though - I need to work on this one as this is where I am quite weak.  But Nicky has given thorough instructions and broken it down - she had me doing exercises at the clinic and has taught me the Pilates way of dealing with this particular exercise.  I am going to give it a real good shot.

I am back again in the middle of September for another upgrade and probably more exercises - I have a lot to do to build up my core muscles which are classed as weak at the moment.  I must say that the exercises that she gave me last time are very helpful with the pain and the soreness in my lower back and I think my posture is starting to improve.  So far things are looking good, but still have a lot of hard work ahead.  I am not afraid of hard work though or of looking on the positive side as the bum tucks will help define the muscles in my backside and tighten everything up - well that's the bonus - but the advantage will be tighter core muscles  - a win win situation - I like those.

We have had a very nice tea tonight, home made chips (that's twice in one week  - naughty) and scampi with bread and butter.  Scrummy it was too.  

I am doing some more tidying this evening whilst listening to the TV - I have got quite addicted to the Torchwood Miracle Day programme.  I like Dr Who too although as a Kid I used to hide behind the settee when the Daleks came on the scene - happy days.  Athough this evening I might watch this on catch up as there is a film on called the Duchess withe Keira Knightly in it that sounds quite good.

I have been informed that my (step-grandson)[grandson] is staying over this weekend that will keep his granddad occupied -  I have lots to do as usual - I intend to get to the sewing machine at some point over this bank holiday weekend.  At the end of the week from the 2nd September I am on holiday for 7 days (excluding the weekends) and I have a lot do during all the time I am off - I want to get "organised" in the house before the winter months beset us and get one or two things into place as well as trying to sort the garden out a little.  Well that's the plan whether it will be achieved or not is another matter but the intent is there will have to see how things go.  Usually something manages to get in the way.  There will no doubt be lots of preserving etc going on too.

It was cold last night I had the quilt well and truly pulled up around me, and snuggled down.  I like my comfort.  If it gets real cold the hotttie bottie will come out too. (It lives in the recess of the kitchen cupboard and is brought out seasonallly where it secludes itself like a dragon in a cave generating gentle warmth through the folds of the bedlinen.  Trouble is of a morning its freezing.  Think will have to organise some suitable covers!  Wish I could snaffle up a Rayburn or Aga for a kitchen to warm my clothes on and hurriedly get dressed like we did as kids.

The nights are starting to draw in and the air smell dampish of a morning a distinctive aroma that announces that autumn is very much upon us. It hardly seems possible as it is only August, late August yes but the year seems to be marching on quicker than usual.   People are still on their "summer holidays" - wish I was!

This morning was cold and damp and it took me longer to get kick started and the mojo going and the legs going but we got there as usual.

I have a busy day at work tomorrow as I have the monthly billing to do.

Right housework and the TV Calls.

Take care wherever you are and I hope all is well in your world. 

Catch you soon


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